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While trying to set up a brand new iPhone, you need to look at various features and tuning some of the settings properly. It can be utilized in a thorough manner if the stock iOS calendar app is properly tuned with various apps.

If you do some things before setup, the calendar app will offer you many benefits. We will continue to see 7 iPhone calendar tips to improve your usage.

Family Calendar

Family Calendar

You can get various benefits if you start using the Family Calendar feature. The family calendar is designed for you if you use the Family sharing feature(apps and file sharing) with other calendar features. Just enter your event start and end dates. You can click on the calendar option and start planning for the event in Family Calendar.

Default Calendar

If you are a primary scheduler to use calendar with family, you have to change from home option to Family in default calendar. Tap on Settings–>Calendar–>Default Calendar–>Family

Your calendar app does not make you forget any special days like birthdays or any events. Tap on

Settings–>Calender –>Default Alert Times.

Holiday and Birthday

You can plan a special day event prior as the calendar app reminds us of holidays and birthdays in advance. You can delete birthday or holiday options from the calendar. To do this, click on the calendars function under the calendar app and scroll down to other section then you will have to uncheck the birthday and holiday options.

Group Calendar

If you are a subscriber for a specified group calendar, the events planned in the group will automatically be updated in your calendar.

Go to Settings –> Accounts & Passwords –> Add Account –> Other –> Add Subscribed Calendar

Go To View

The Go-to-View feature in Calendar displays the events in monthly and daily basis. You can also see the events planned for each day. Are you looking for a weekly view, just rotate your iPhone to landscape mode.

Drag and Re-schedule

It provides a simple way to modify the events you created. You must click on a specific event and enter the date and time to change it. You have to long press a particular events and drag it to another date or time to reschedule it.

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