The iPhone 7 Plus Model

The iPhone 7 Plus Model Dummy

We can’t leave all the hype for this year for just one phone. So this is another I don’t know if you’ve seen this already or if you haven’t but this is the iPhone 7 plus models. Obviously, we’re expecting an iPhone 7 to be announced and released probably around September of this year. We kind of already know all of the new software features because iOS 10 Beta has been floating around and people have been using it for the past couple weeks. What we don’t have yet and what’s going to be announced is the new hardware so there been rumours of a new iPhone 7 pro or an iPhone 7 plus.

This is more than just like a render from a computer of an image of what it might look like this is an actual dummy unit put together. Based on all the leaks and rumours of what the iPhone 7 plus is going to look like and feel like in the hand made of metal and everything. So let’s take a closer look at it.

There’re three main features that are visibly new about the iPhone 7 and 7 plus based on this body.

  • The Internal lines
  • Headphone jack
  • Dual cameras

The Internal Lines

iPhone 7 Plus internal lines

The Internal lines are pretty much the only aesthetic visual change between this year’s i Phone and the new one. We’re about to get so this year’s internal lines go all the way across and around the top in the bottom this year. I guess didn’t really have a problem with the bends but this is fine. I guess this might be one of those things where it’s the only way you can tell if someone has a new iPhone unless there’s a new colour.

Headphone Jack

The iPhone 7 Plus Headphone Jack

You probably already read many articles earlier but yeah the rumours still point to Apple getting rid of the headphone jack in the next iPhone. So this model has no such port where you do get though which is interesting is now two speaker grills which I’m going to be optimistic. And hope that that means stereo speakers like the iPad’s are possible that this may just be another speaker girl for a single speaker but I want to be optimistic. I’m hoping they use this space to put in another driver. Please give us stereo audio.

Dual Cameras

Anyway, it last but not least you can see the dual camera module on the back. So right at this point that’s all we really know about it like we know that we’ll have two cameras but we don’t know what they will do or we don’t know if they’ll be the same or different. There are some that already have one wide angle and one normal smartphone camera that you can switch between their smartphones that have two of the same camera that combines the image to get more detail. We don’t know what Apple is doing with the iPhone 7 plus but we’re pretty sure it will at least be rocking the dual camera set up. You may have also noticed that this mock-up does not have the couple of smart connector pins that we have seen on some other mockups and this actually relates to the rumour that we may see an iPhone 7 Pro which will connect to some excess series like the iPad Pro 6. Those market after pins and then this which is just an iPhone 7 plus doesn’t have the pins. We can also assume a regular size iPhone 7 also won’t have those pins. Overall though pretty similar design to iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S that we already have you know same rounded shape same thickness same button placement you know same switches bezels the home button.

The iPhone 7 Plus Model Dual Cameras

Everything is super similar already about the overall design I want to go out on a limb and say I’m hoping I’m just hoping that something that we haven’t seen any of the mockups or any of the leaks is a new display on the front of the iPhone. I feel like they could double the resolution of the display and I thought they could also finally incorporate and display in the iPhone 7 and 7 plus now it’s obviously we won’t be able to tell this from the mockups. You can’t tell this from the dummy units but I think it’s about time we give the bigger iPhone a much nicer screen. Obviously, not a whole ton that you can learn from the dummy units and mock-ups from the rumours we’ve already seen but it’s just kind of neat to have the actual.

Form factor in person and just see what it would look like if you were to hold it in the hand you know well let me know what you guys would think if you’re into this design new design of the iPhone 7 or if you would have liked some other features or something else. Let me know in the comments section. Thanks for reading. I’ll talk to the next one pace.

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