iOS 10 problems and the solutions

iOS 10 problems and the solutions

This article provides solutions for the most common problems that you may need at the time you update to iOS 10 on your  iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.

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Download PhoneRescue on your computer and use it to retrieve lost iOS data. It helps your iPhone from a failed recovery, upgrade error or  jailbreak collapse. Just as it’s processor, iOS 10 is packed with a ton of new features. The new iMessage features are more for fun than anything else, the wake function and a richer notification etc.

Nevertheless, we can’t make sure that iOS 10 is an error-free and before you load up on it, there are some potential upgrading problems you may meet like Bluetooth problems, Wi-Fi issues or iPhone data gets lost during the update. Installing iOS 10 on your primary iDevice is a type of risk and that’s why we are preparing you this guide. As a collection of the most common iOS 10 issues, you may meet when upgrading your iPhone iPad or iPod touch and provides you detailed solutions. If you are still not sure whether it is right to put iOS 10 on your iPhone or iPad. Then please check out. Should I Update to iOS 10 guide? If you are willing for going back to previous iOS 9.3.4, you can read on this iOS 10 downgrading tutorial.

1. iOS 10 Issues – Software Update Failed


Method 1: Click on the Close option and try to update again.

Method 2: Keep waiting for few hours or even several days and then download iOS 10 again.

Method 3: Try updating via iTunes on the computer.

Method 4: For advanced users, try upgrading with IPSW File.

2. iOS 10 Problems – iPhone Stuck on Verifying Update


Generally, you can update your iOS device to iOS 10 in two ways: One is with iTunes and second one is Over the Air. Many users who are installing iOS 10 OTA encounter the problem that iDevice stuck on “Verifying update” screen and seems taking years to finish. This is one of the most common iOS 10 problems you may meet during the update.

Method 1. Try locking and waking your iDevice using power button and repeat it.

Method 2. Do a hard reset or hard reboot.

Method 3. Restore your iDevice with iTunes.

Method 4. Update to iOS 10 with iTunes on computer.

3. iOS 10 Problems – iOS 10 Stuck on Slide to Upgrade Screen


This is a broadly affected problem on previous iOS 9 updates that iPhone stuck on Slide for Upgrading screen, and it may also happen to iOS 10 users. This regularly happens to the users who try to update iOS 10 on their iPhone or iPad directly on the device, and it is quite aggravating. A workaround is to restore your iPhone from iTunes.

Step 1. Update your iTunes to the latest version. Connect your iPhone and run iTunes.

Step 2. Tap the device button.

Step 3. Select Restore Backup and select a recent backup file. Then tap Restore.

4. iOS 10 Problems -iPhone Stuck in Recovery Mode


iPhone or iPad stuck in recovery mode. It is one of the most deliberate circumstances at the time of installing iOS 10 or failing to iOS 10 upgrade. When stuck in recovery mode, you will see “connect to iTunes” logo and normally you cannot restart your iDevice.

To get out of this tough position, you must backup your device and then try the tips below to fix this iOS 10 “stuck” problem.

Tip 1. “Force Restart” your device by pressing both Home and Power buttons.

Tip 2. Recover your device using iTunes. On your computer, you can connect your device to iTunes and recover in Recovery Mode.

Tip 3. Use iOS repairing software to fix this issue.

5. iOS 10 Issues – iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo During iOS 10 Update



Your iPhone or iPad may get stuck on Apple logo because to restore, jailbreak, or new iOS update. And some of the testers reported that they met this “Stuck on Apple logo” problem while updating to iOS 10. While you get this problem, there are some tips you can have a try.

To fix this issue, you can try the tips those are mentioned below. And we also provide a step-by-step tutorial to tell you how to fix “Stuck on Apple Logo” problem in iOS 10.

Tip 1. Force Restart your iPhone or iPad. Usually, this tip can make your device work again.

Tip 2. If tip 1 doesn’t work, you then need to recovery your device in Recovery Mode.

Tip 3. Of course, there are some professional tools that you can use to repair your device.

Tip 4. If all of these tips can’t help you, you can contact Apple for help.

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