Introducing Edible Water Bubbles

Edible water bubbles

We know that it was declared in the previous years to ban the plastics like water bottles and other plastic materials that are non-biodegradable. But still, the usage of water bottles was not reduced. Moreover, the usage of plastic water bottles in America was about 50 billion each year. The recycling rate of the US is 23% only.

This means that more than 38 billion plastic water bottles are getting wasted each year. To reduce this wastage, you should use refillable water bottles of good quality like the one you get from custom Camelbak.

Even though now refillable water bottles are available, a London-based company – Ooho has introduced edible water bubbles.

Wow! Edible water bubble! Is it not an amazing idea? Now no one needs to throw out the plastic material. No plastic, No waste, but a mouthful of cool and fresh water. This membrane is made from natural seaweed extract which you won’t be able to taste while drinking that edible water bubble.

The people working in the Ooho company are in the process of replacing the plastic water bottles with the edible water bubbles. They have been working on this for the past few years and now on the way to make these edible water bubbles to be in reality.

The edible water bubbles take 4-5 weeks to biodegrade. So this can be a better solution to avoid plastic water bottles and cause the earth to damage.

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