Turn Windows Into A WiFi Hotspot & Share Your Internet Connection

If you have a single Internet connection but you want to use more than one laptops in single internet connection. At a time only one person can access the network in a single connection and the other person is waiting for the internet. if the user wants to use the Internet in all systems at a time and the user can share the Internet connection one system to another system over Wifi.

Share your internet connection

You have two systems and one Internet connection. So you can share the Internet connection on both systems at a time. The user wants to share the Internet connection of your laptops over Wifi. Following steps give below.

  1. If you need to create an internet connection. Open Network and Sharing Center. Click Setup a new network or Connection.

                                                                      Share your internet connection

  1. Then choose set up a wireless ad hoc network and click next.                                                                  
  1. Enter the network name and choose strong security key. Choose Save this network. Click to next and create a wireless network.

                                                                  Share your internet connection

  1. Within 5 seconds, the network can be ready to use. Select -> Turn on Internet connection sharing to “share your Internet connection over Wifi.
  2. After, click Finish the setup.

Then all systems will connect to a newly created Wifi network is ready to use. The network is not working for the user; it can manually turn internet sharing on via Go to properties of Network adapter on running the Internet.

Go to “Network and sharing centre” and view the connected adapters. Then select open status and see the Local Area Connection.

Choose the Properties to open the properties window. Go to “Sharing tab” and click all check boxes.

Again you see the Internet connection is shared with all systems.