iMyfone Umate Pro


iMyfone Umate Pro is a software that frees up space with one-click and clean all iOS unwanted files such as messages, pictures, videos, account passwords etc. You can rase various previously deleted and also existing data. Keep in mind, so that, there will be no opportunity to restore the files. This performs permanent deletion of the files in iOS. Umate Pro is fully compatible with iOS 10 and iPhone 7.

Performance of iMyFone Umate Pro 

iMyfone Umate Pro works as a reliable iPhone cleaner and eraser. It mostly targets on 5 types of files. This include:

  • Photos
  • Apps
  • Junk files
  • Temporary files
  • Large files

Why do we need iPhone Data Eraser?

iMyFone Umate Pro provides you with the functions to erase different types of data on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Once the files are erased, there is no chance of being recovered.



While capturing a picture if there is no space enough, you will get the error “cannot take photo – not enough storage”!



While playing a game if there is no space enough, the iPhone gets stuck suddenly. So GAME OVER!



You appreciate “iMessages” of iOS 10, but the iPhone doesn‘t have enough space to upgrade!

Selling old iPhone:


You may be interested in selling your old iPhone but what do you do if iMyFone D-Back recovers sensitive information on it?

Reset the iPhone:


It is possible to get back the data that is deleted by the factory in your iPhone. So that reset could be recovered.

Only personal data deletion:


You should return the business iPhone to the company. On concord, how do you selectively erase only your personal data?

Particular Pictures reveal:


You are breaking up with your boyfriend, but are concerned about private pictures being revealed to others.

Messages containing the important business info:


How could you erase the important business information messages in order to prevent information leaks?

How does iMyfone Umate Pro Work? 



iMyfone Umate Pro allows you to erase data permanently. There are four modes to erase data permanently and safely. You can pick an erasing mode that depends on your needs.

Four Modes:

1-Click Cleanup


1 Click Cleanup itself says that in just one click you can free up your files. This mode allows you to remove junk files that consume valuable space without you even know about them. You can free up your iOS device. There are various kinds of files such as

  • Temporary files
  • Junk files
  • Deletion and Compression of pictures
  • Managing apps
  • Removing large files

As this free up space, your device performs at optimal speeds.



  • Once the software is installed on your PC, open it and by using a cable connect your iPhone, iPad, iPod.



  • Scan the device


  • It displays all the files you wanted to delete. By default, the crash logs are selected.


  • Tap on the particular clean button against what you want to be cleaned.


  • Then you will get a message “Congratulations! Cleanup completed”


  • Finally, click Done.

Erase All Data


The name itself says that using factory reset will not help you erase your data and files completely. In such situation, iMyFone iPhone data destroyer can delete unwanted data permanently in a simple manner. The Non-tech savvy user can also use it.


  • Tap on the Erase Data Tab


  • Tap ‘erase’
  • Type ‘delete’ for confirmation


  • Tap on ‘erase now‘ to start the process

Erase Deleted Files


We can easily recover the normally deleted files. iMyFone Umate Pro shows these deleted files permanently. It gives you a simple interface to effectively erase those files without any risk of recovery.  No recovery tool can recover those files again.


  • Firstly, connect to your PC
  • Select the “erase deleted files” tab


  • Tap on ‘scan’


  • Select the files from the list which need to be deleted


  • Select the deleted files you are willing to erase.


  • Tap ‘erase now’
  • In order to confirm, you will be prompted to type the word ‘delete’.

Erase Private Data 


Erase Private Data erases your private information on your iPhone. This iPhone data eraser destroys private data with complete unrecoverable. It also keeps your personal information secure. If you are going to sell your iOS device, there is no need to worry after you have erased personal information using iMyfone Umate Pro.


  • Tap on the ‘erase private data’ tab


  • Then tap on ‘scan’


  • Select the files to be erased from the preview


  • Tap on ‘erase now’


  • Type ‘delete’ to confirm
  • If you want to close the program, tap on the close option ‘x’ on the top right corner.


  • You should also close the iTunes.


  • Click Quit option.

Preview and Selectively Erase Private Files


The program scans your iDevice. Then show both your previously deleted files and your existing personal files on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. You can preview them and select the items that you want to erase permanently.

  • Find and erase completely hidden previously deleted files
  • Preview and choose the precise files to make them gone forever
  • Permanently erase Whatsapp and its Attachment

Completely Erase Data, 100% Unrecoverable 


iMyFone Umate Pro scans your iOS Device. Confirm that all the files and private information are completely removed and aren’t recoverable.

  • Keep your data private and unrecoverable 100%
  • Data erased by iMyFone can’t be recovered by any recovery tool.


Enjoy a Secure and Clean iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

iMyFone Umate Pro provides four data erasing options. They are 1-Click Cleanup, Erase All Data, Erase Deleted Files and Erase Private Data with different levels of cleansing. The cleansing may be Low, Medium and High. These Different Data erasing models fulfilling your different needs.


  • Connect Your Device
  • Select the Erase mode
  • Erase Your Phone Data Permanently

Choose the Correct Version for Your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch


System Requirements

iMyfone Umate Pro can be used with both Mac and Windows platforms. There are various installation files for both the systems. It works with iOS 7.0 and later visions. Your Mac or PC should have at last iTunes 11.2.

iMyfone Umate Pro is the first software that saves space and erases data on iOS devices. This will be used with your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. This software costs just $29.95.

You can enjoy iMyFone’s special offers for Christmas sale.

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