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TunesMate is a third-party iTunes alternatives for Windows users with iPhones, iPads, and iPods designed by iMyFone. Everyone loves iPhones, iPads, and iPods and there’s none who deny that. Things get a little complicated with PC whereas a MAC makes everything easy for you. Thanks to iTunes, however, it’s not all that perfect.

And as many of the things have flaws in them, it has been difficult to selectively transfer files between devices. An Apple isn’t a company that changes its way easily. Because of which came the need for a third-party app called iMyFone TunesMate.

TunesMate: An easy alternative to iTunes:

TunesMate has the ability to transfer iOS files to PC/iTunes without any problem. You just need to drag your favorite files and drop them to your local library. And drag and drop is not any huge task to get it done.

Let’s know the features of TunesMate:

Soon after the software installation, connect your iDevice to the PC and you will see a screen looks as below:

Software installation

1. Two-Way Transfer iOS Files (from/to PC from/to iTunes):


Tunesmate App section

It’s easy with TunesMate to transfer Music, Videos, Photos, and Apps between the iDevice and PC. It means to transfer files from the device to PC and from PC to device. But we know that iOS apps are not compatible with Windows. Therefore, if it is a case of transferring apps, you can only uninstall them from your phone. Thankfully, TunesMate has an option to delete multiple apps simultaneously.

2. Rebuild iTunes Library:

When you delete your media from one of the devices, then the media gets deleted from all the devices. And this happens only when all the devices sync. This might not be useful for all the times. Then how can you get out of this problem? Don’t worry! TunesMate can help you skip iTunes’ auto-sync. Instead, you can copy all the files manually across the devices. Hence you can rebuild your lost library.

3. Directly Add Music/Videos from PCs to iPhone:

Add Music Videos from PCs to iPhone tunesmate


With the drag-and-drop functionality of the TunesMate, it is easy to transfer files. Suppose that one of your friends has a collection of the latest movies/songs in a pen drive, this feature will help you easily copy them into your iDevice. Just open the software, connect your device, navigate to the related section (Music/Videos), and drop the files. That’s it!

More than this, you can also selectively transfer specific iTunes songs or videos to iPhone. This allows you to maintain two separate libraries — one on the PC, the other on the iDevice.

4. Transfer Music/Videos to iPhone from Different iTunes Libraries:

iMyfone Tunesmate


You can even selectively transfer media from other libraries. You don’t have to sync your device to each of the PCs from where you want to copy songs/movies. You don’t even have to sign up on each of them with the same Apple ID. TunesMate essentially converts your iDevice into an external storage device to transfer data from a PC (or multiple PCs) whenever you like.

5. Share Cloud Music:

TunesMate allows you to share Apple Music, Music purchased from Google/Amazon, and other freely downloaded music to different iPhones, even to those registered to different Apple IDs.

Do you think that there might be something that can be improved about TunesMate? Let’s see.

  • The price of this software is approximately near Rs.3900. Don’t you feel that this price tag on TunesMate is more for what it offers? Yes! Of course, it is. For those who are looking to buy this app, there is a 30-days trial period. And in a case where the users find that the product doesn’t meet their expectations, the users are paid back. So what’s wrong in giving a try?
  • The UI is another issue with the TunesMate since it’s a bit outdated. It would be good if it is consistent with the iOS and macOS world alike.

Future’s Mac Version:

TunesMate is currently available for Windows only. However, iMyFone says they are working on a Mac version which they think that it should hit the market soon. I guess the software will be complete when this comes true.

At present, it seems a good alternative to iTunes, but not the best. It’s not the most comprehensive one, but for most users find this to work fine. Except that it needs to get a couple of things changed. And else, there’s not anything much to complain about TunesMate.

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Article Reference: AppleSutra