Working in a manufacturing company means that you will be interacting with chemicals, corrosives, sharp objects, fires and sparks, and sometimes falling objects. There is a high chance of experiencing an accident.

safety gears

To be on the safe side, it is always advisable that you have the necessary workwear gears which play a vital role in preventing or reducing the impacts of the injuries you are likely to experience. Here are some of the workwear gears that you should consider when working in a manufacturing company.

  1. Gas Masks

    Gas masks are essential workwear gears that protect you against inhaling or coming into contact with harmful gases. Some companies, especially those operating in the chemical or drug industry, produce toxic fumes that can cause death when inhaled.

    Work safety experts recommend the use of gas masks to prevent and filter the gases before they come into contact with your mouth or noses. Some of the harmful industrial gases include carbon monoxide and chlorine gas.

  1. Hand Gloves

    If you walk into some of the workwear stores such as WorkWear Hub, you will come across specialized hand groves that are designed to protect your palm when working in a manufacturing company. You will need hand gloves if you are handling corrosives liquids and products. They will prevent the corrosive products from corroding your hand. You will also come across specialized hand gloves that protect your hands when you are handling sharp objects such as iron sheets and metals.

  1. Helmets/ Hard Hats

    You have seen helmets worn by road contractors and other construction experts. Helmets are essential workwear gear that you should not miss, especially when working in a manufacturing company.

    Protecting your head against falling objects, hot substances, and unseen moving objects is a vital safety aspect in any company. You will also come across slippery floors where you are likely to slide and fall. Helmets come in handy in protecting significant head injuries after falls.

  1. Workwear Boots

    Workwear boots are essential safety gears you will not want to miss. They play a vital role in protecting your lower legs and feet against injuries, corrosion, and fires. Most of them have been made with hard rubber, which means they cannot be corroded or pierced by sharp objects that are likely to be found on the floor of the warehouse or production line. Most of the workwear stores sell women and men workwear boots to meet the specific tastes and preferences.

  1. Safety Glasses

    Safety glasses help in protecting the eyes and the upper part of the nose that is not covered by the gas masks. Chemicals and gases spilling over are likely to affect the eyes, whether in gaseous or liquid form.

    Covering your eyes with safety glasses eliminates the likelihood of damaging your eyes. Safety glasses are also very useful in manufacturing companies where welding sparks are frequent. All the sparks will fall on the glasses rather than the eyes hence preventing eye damages.

  1. Overalls

    Overalls have traditionally remained to be some of the standard workwear gears that every person working in a manufacturing company must have. They cover the body against spills, dirt, and other harmful objects. If you are highly involved in carrying raw materials in the production line, it is essential that you have an overall to cover yourself against dirt and other harmful substances.

    Workwear gears are essential components that one should have before entering into a manufacturing plant, especially the production line. Government has tightened the laws on safety gears to avoid injuries while at the same time enhancing the safety of manufactured products. Therefore, you need to make sure that you shop for the necessary workwear gears before reporting to your new work station.

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