How to Spot (and Avoid) Fake Android Apps in the Play Store

Identify Fake Android Apps in Google Play Store

The Google introduced the Google Play Protective feature, which identified the number of fake apps in the Play Store day by day. This eliminated 7,00,000 counterfeit apps from Play Store. This scans the apps in the Play Store. But by updating a new feature in those apps, these fake apps escape somehow from Google Play Protective scan. Follow the following procedure and find those fake apps easily.

More search results

Most of the fake apps, design the icon, name, etc like the real ones. So you need to be alert when more than one results are available in search. Designers use this easy and fast way to deceive users who do not know about these fake apps.

The name of the app and the developers

Verify the name of the app and its developers will help you easily escape from the mole. Recently a bogus activist came in the name of WattsApp update like it’s from real WhatsApp app. It can also be easily detected. The swiftkey app came with the same name. But the developer’s name (designer superman) has been detected and deleted. Actually the app Swiftkey was created by Microsoft.

Number of Downloads

You can also detect fake apps by checking how many people have downloaded and installed this app. As fake apps are frequently detected and removed will not have a high number of downloads.

App Description

Those who create counterfeit apps do not provide the necessary information about the app and its functions. Even if they are interpreted, they will not be correct and will have errors(mainly language errors).


Generally, those who create fake apps will use the same screenshots as same like actual apps in the PlayStore. It should be properly observed. The Swiftkey fake app creators used all the photographs including the print screenshot, and did not even leave the phrase ‘typing like flying swift’.


Users can predict whether the app is real or fake through the reviews and update logs. This is the simplest way to detect fake apps.

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