With the increasing pollution, busier lives and harmful eating habits, our skin is subject to much more abuse than it used to be earlier. Among all the skin issues that exist, dry skin is a problem much bigger than it sounds. Though most skin routines include hydration of skin, not many of them use the correct product for the purpose.

Hydrating Serum

Benefits of using Hydrating Serum on Dry Skin

A hydrating serum is a revolutionary skin product that is immensely effective when it comes to dry skin. Here are some reasons to choose a hydrating serum for your dry skin:

1. High effectiveness

The effectiveness of a product highly depends on its contents. For a product to work, it must contain active ingredients that directly act on the skin. A hydrating serum is proven to be more effective than any other type of product- thanks to its high concentration of active ingredients. While a typical moisturizer or cleanser contains 5-10% of active ingredients, a quality hydrating serum may roughly contain about 70-75% of it. This makes it one of the most effective skincare products that you can get without a prescription. A large quantity of active ingredients makes it an ideal choice for hydrating dry skin, reducing fine lines, reducing dark spots, and skin brightening.

2. No sidekick materials

No Side effects
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Think of all those cleansers and creams. Have you ever noticed the contents of them? All these products contain foaming agents and other types of fillers that leaves very little room for active ingredients. People with sensitive skin know how important it can be to avoid such cheap and ineffective products. Now think about a hydrating serum. It is primarily made up of active ingredients like vitamins, essential minerals, peptides, stem cells, etc. As a result of this, they act as highly efficient delivery systems for your dry skin, which is aimed to be penetrated easily by these ingredients. On top of that, they are not harmful, like the products that have a high amount of filler ingredients.

3. No-residue miracle

Most cleansers and moisturizers contain ingredients that leave a residue after applied to the skin. This creates a layer that makes the skin prone to breakouts, especially for people with acne-prone skin. We can avoid this problem with the availability of a hydrating serum. Unlike other oil-based products, a hydrating serum is water-based and has a watery consistency. Because of this, it gets absorbed much faster by the skin and leaves behind no residue, therefore making skin less prone to breakouts.

4. Better absorption

Best Absorbing Serum
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A hydrating serum is not only an excellent product macroscopically but also a fantastic composition of beneficial ingredients at a microscopic level. Because of its smaller molecular structure, it makes it better to penetrate deep inside the tissues without being blocked by the cells. This property makes it a better absorbing product when compared to other creams and produces visible results. The moisturizing serum adds oil to your skin, which prevents further dehydration and dryness. Whereas, a hydrating serum like the one containing hyaluronic acid and ceramides hydrate the skin better by increasing its water holding capacity. Thus, a hydrating serum is the best choice for all skin types. For dry and acne-prone skin, go for a hyaluronic acid-containing serum-like neostrata, which has up to 1000 times water holding capacity to hydrate your skin efficiently. Whereas for sensitive skin, go for ceramide serum, which has fatty acids, and therefore, it hydrates without irritating the skin.

5. Reduces oiliness

People with oily skin can relate to this: when was the last time you tried to control oiliness on your skin using oil-clearing creams and washes and that it worked? Whenever the skin gets oily, applying other creams may clear out surface oil at first, but the dryness that is caused by them further stimulates our sebaceous glands to produce more oil. The result? An even more oily, greasy skin. On the contrary, using a hydrating serum works wonders for such skin. Not only does its lighter composition quickly penetrates the skin and removes oil, but it also slows down further production of oil.

6. Protects skin

Sunlight Protection
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A good hydrating serum may contain very potent active ingredients. As the name suggests, a hydrating serum hydrates and nourishes the skin thoroughly, therefore it becomes a part of an excellent skin regimen to protect your skin from harmful sun rays- serum application followed by an SPF moisturizer. Skin protection is also brought about by other ingredients, including essential vitamins, which are highly beneficial for the skin and make the skin tighter. Some other beneficial ingredients include antioxidants that fight-off free radicals that are damaging to your skin. These antioxidants also slow down the growth of premature cells, therefore keeps your skin younger and healthier. Other agents present in serum provide nourishment, reduce irritation, and make skin softer.

Even with all these benefits, the one thing that still keeps people from getting a hydrating serum is its high cost. However, when considering all those useless and ineffective cheap creams that are bought by people, investing in a good hydrating serum for a little higher price seems legit. These creams not only fail to serve the purpose but also damage the skin in the long run. In other words, a serum is the best investment that you can make for your skin.

It all finally comes down to what you want for your skin- see it visibly improve by using a serum or follow that ineffective regimen that keeps burning a hole in your pocket every time. Once you find a perfect hydrating serum for you, you’ll never look forward to any other product again.

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