Huawei P20 Pro – Full phone specifications and Review

Huawei P20 Pro


Huawei P20 Pro benefits in a great way to the one who wants to use full ability and variety of camera features on the smartphone. If you look at the design, you should name it as ‘shiny’. It is covered front and back with two large gorilla glasses are closed, and its sides are covered full of polished aluminum, which looks like a steel body.



While all sides are shiny, the fingerprint sensor space is easy to drip and it is a bit worrying that a slightly higher level of the camera can be dusted easily. Despite having a larger battery than its previous phones, it does not appear to be worth when you are using it. In front, the high-quality cameras and speaker are located. Huawei phones have the smallest notch for the first time. Without a jack for headphones, the 3.5mm adapter comes within the box or you can use wireless headphones.

Fingerprint scanner


This phone, which has an IP67 value of water resistance, can hold up to 30 minutes at a depth of water around one meter. The fingerprint scanner at the bottom of the Huawei P20 Pro takes you to the Home Screen at a very quick time. The face detecting feature is also very fast, using the camera on the front of the phone. Even in the low light, it has no problem in detecting the face. As soon as the phone is taken out of your pocket, it starts to find the face.



A full HD screen on this phone is extended to 18.7: 9. The pixel density is 408 ppi. The P20 Pro’s display is excellent. You can change the color of your profile accordingly. As usual, you can change the color according to the climate. When it comes to additional lighting conditions, the display’s color changes automatically. The top of the screen changes to black and completely hides the notch.


The Huawei P20 Pro has a 4,000 mAh battery. After hours of watching videos and listening to music, still, battery took more than a day to drain completely. During our testing, only 9% of battery life was spent watching 90 minutes of video in full brightness. The phone will take 1 hour and 24 minutes to be fully charged. From 0% to 80% in 45 minutes. There is a setback that there is no wireless charging feature.


P20 Camera Huawei

At the back of the P20 Pro has three cameras. The main camera has a 40MP RGB sensor with high-quality analysis. On the back, there is a 20MP monochrome sensor that helps to control the light of the film. The third camera is equipped with a 3X ‘zoom’ lens and 8MP telephoto sensor. 10MB of photos are typically taken. If necessary, you can take up to 40 MB of pictures. Using the Pro method 76.2 MB DNG can even make ordinary files. It handles perfectly while you maximize 10MB size jpeg film to 100%. 5x zoom images can be taken as a hybrid zoom.

The camera does not work slowly below 1/16 of a second through the optical image stabilization(OIS). Also, the OIS in the camera avoids the tics of the hands. You can take videos with 4K analyzes on this phone. Because the film does not have a stability, the footage is not well. It should be satisfied at 1080p. It can take a picture of up to 960 FPS(32X speed) in solo mode. At the same time, 960 FPS and 240 FPS can only be made at 720p. The 24 MP sensor on the front of the P20 Pro is highly advanced.

Interface and Reliability

It runs using the Huawei EMUI 8.1 interface with Android 8.1. As soon as you turn on this phone, the Applications menu is not shown. It is hidden on the home screens. The theme application includes 12 uninformed themes prepared by Huawei fans and Huawei B20 Pro. The EMUI is very fast and the applications loaded in less time. It includes a climate application, torch, localization feature, phone manager, file manager, and mirror.


The notch on this phone won’t be a problem when playing the games. Because if the phone detects that a game or application is intercepted, the area is automatically blackened and removed. This phone includes the video and music application owned by Huawei. The high volume of the sound is released by special speakers at the bottom of the phone. The excellent bass is available in the speaker that releases bulky sound.


The P20 has same processor Green970 CPU as Huawei matte 10 Pro. Of the eight cores, four Cortex-A73s and four other Cortex-A53s are found. Its internal storage speed is very fast. The reading speed is 501 MB/s and the speed of writing is 190MB/s.


Although the Huawei P20 Pro is a high-quality phone, the price rating is acceptable. It is also a world-class smartphone from the best efficient camera, high power, excellent battery capacity and with attractive design.

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