Google Translate now works inside any app on Android

Google Translate App

Google company is generally implementing various new initiatives and Google Translate app which is used to translate online and offline is expected to be very helpful to everyone. About 200 million customers use this  Translate app and now you can use this app in applications such as Whatsapp, Email, and Facebook. Let’s look at the following steps to know more about how to use this Google Translate app.

Step 1: The Google Translate app should be downloaded in Google Play Store.

Step 2: You need to install the downloaded translate app.

Step 3: Then start the Translate app and hit the top left menu button, and then click on the settings.

Settings - Google Translate

Step 4: After clicking on the settings, you can see the “Tap to Translate tool” option and enable it.

Tap to Translate

Step 5: Whenever you need translation, copy text to be translated. The Translate app will pop up and automatically Translate app will detect it then translate the text to your language.

Text Translation by Google Translate

Google Translate is handy and you never worry about any foreign language texts, emails, and news at any anytime when you have an Android mobile.

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