Run 2 Whatsapp Accounts in One Android Phone

2 Whatsapp Account

I’m sure that you might struggle or tried different ways to install 2 Whatsapp accounts in an android phone. Even I was searching and trying a lot of methods to use dual Whatsapp account in a single Android Phone. At last, I found a method which can do this task in few easy steps. I will be discussing on two Android apps through which you can install the second Whatsapp App and enjoy it.


  • No need to root your Android phone.
  • You have full privacy on it.
  • No Bugs Issues.


  • Dual Sim Android Smartphone.
  • It can be rooted or non-rooted phone.
  • Internet Connection.

Method 1 (To Run 2 Whatsapp Accounts):

  • Download GBWhatsapp apk.
  • Now just install GBWhatsapp app in your phone which you have downloaded from above Step.
  • After completion of Installation, open the app and Enter New Whatsapp Number which is going to be your secondary Whatsapp number.
  • Complete Whatsapp pin verification.
  • That’s it completed. Now you can enjoy your secondary Whatsapp in your android phone.

Now your Phone Is Running Two Whatsapp Accounts in Same Android Phone Without any Problems.

Method 2 (To Use 2 Whatsapp Accounts):

  • Install Parallel Space-Multi Accounts App from your play store.
  • Open Parallel Space App
  • Tap “+” symbol at the bottom to add an app and select WhatsApp.
  • Now your WhatsApp will be installed inside your parallel space app and you will find desktop shortcut too.
  • Tap the Whatsapp app and enter your mobile number
  • Complete the pin verification.

Now your Phone Is Running Two Whatsapp Accounts in Same Android Phone Without any Problems. The Main benefit of Parallel space app is you can install not only dual WhatsApp accounts even you can have dual facebook, twitter, clash of clans etc.,

Hope you will try and enjoy it. If you have any queries, shoot up your question in below comment section and we will reply it as soon.

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