Printing A Text Message Conversation

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Nowadays it is easy to back up the required information or text messages. Backup of your required text message or documents will helpful at any time. This article helps you out in taking a print out of the important text message conversation in a paper form so that it would be easy in case of any emergency.

Why is it necessary to do this?

A conversation printout can be useful in many situations such as when anyone is harassed through text message, then the physical copy of the text message conversation can be used as an evidence. Also, these printouts can be used for business purpose and much more.

It’s always a good idea to keep a backup of the important conversations on records so that it can be referred whenever you need it. Even a back up of this to your computer find it a good idea as well.

Having a physical printed copy of any important text message conversation seems great in any situation. In court, some text message conversation may help you prove to be right. The print outs of some important and useful text message conversations will never be turned out to be a bad thought.

For suppose, one of your friends is missing or had passed away and the last conversation was seemed to take place with you, then in that situation, a printed copy of the conversation will free you out from some critical positions.

And the printouts of text message conversations will be most helpful in case if the battery charge in your mobile device gets down totally.

Using AirPrint or Google Cloud Print


A printer that supports AirPrint in Apple and Google Cloud Print in Android devices will help you to take printouts of the text message conversation directly from your device. In cases when you aren’t sure of which feature does your device supports, then click here to check if your printer supports AirPrint and Click here to Google Cloud Print.

Neither of Android or iOS has built-in features to print the text message conversations. Rather this can be achieved by using some other easy way.

Taking a screenshot of the text message conversation on your mobile phone is the first thing that you need to do. On iOS devices, a screenshot can be taken by simply pressing down on the power button and home button simultaneously. On Android, it depends on the device, most probably it is achieved with the power button and the volume button.

If the content that you want to get printed isn’t visible on the screen completely, then you can scroll up and down for taking screenshots of the remaining conversations. These screenshots will be directly saved in your phone’s photo gallery. And the printouts for these screenshots can be taken from there.

On iOS

If you are using an iPhone or iPad, you can start with the photo app.

text message

Under that, select the “Screenshots”.

text message

Click on “Select” in the top-left corner of the screen and if there are many screenshots to print, tap on all the screenshots which are to be printed out. Otherwise, you can just tap on the single screenshot to proceed.

text message

On the bottom-left corner, tap on share icon.

text message

Then, select the “Print” option at the bottom.

text message

For choosing the printer, Click on “Select Printer” in the top-right corner.


Select your printer when it is visible to you on your mobile device’s screen.

text message

Finally, tap on the print option on the top-right corner and now the printer starts printing the selected screenshots.

text message

On Android

To print a text message conversation from an Android device, firstly you need to have installed the “Google Cloud Print” app on your device if your printer supports. It finds you easy to print the screenshots using this app. Except for some Android devices in which this Google Cloud Print will be installed by default, this app has to be downloaded from the Google Play Store.


Moreover, it isn’t an easy way to take print outs of the screenshots on Android devices. There are two ways in which this works. You can either save the screenshots to a .PDF file to Google Drive and then printing it out with the help of a brand-specific app for your printer from Epson, HP, etc., or if the Android device connects to your home network, you can print the screenshots directly to the printer.

Taking print outs from the screenshots on Android devices isn’t as simple as achieving it from AirPrint on iOS. On Android, it involves at least some various options to select from.

Using a Basic Printer

There is an extra work to do if you are using a basic printer that doesn’t support either of AirPrint or Google Cloud Print. The only thing you need to do is just forward the screenshots to your computer through many ways.

One of the methods is through email which can work on iOS and Android too. These screenshots have to be sent through email to yourself.


In Android, select the screenshots (which are to be printed) in the photo gallery and tap on the share button. Select Gmail from the drop down and send the screenshots to your email address. Also, you can save these screenshots to your Google Drive, Dropbox or to any other cloud service and access them from your computer.

In iOS, select the screenshots in the photo app and tap on the share button. Then, select Mail from the options dropped down.


Even there are some other methods if you have them enabled. For example, for sending the screenshots to your Mac faster in iOS, AirDrop can be used, or if iCloud Photo Library is enabled, your screenshots will automatically appear in the Photos app on your Mac, from which you can drag and drop them into any other folder.

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