Stop Windows 10 From Tracking You

Windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest Operating System from the Microsoft that has been a hit over the years with millions of users all around he world. Of course, this Operating System is obviously better than its preceding OS, Windows 8. And one of the amazing features of Windows 10 being that it tracks your each and every movement. But no one likes to be tracked all their moves continuously. Sometimes it would be weird to know that we are being tracked all the time. Then what might be the solution? What do you think is the way to stop windows 10 from tracking your every step.

Yes, there’s a solution by which this tracking can be stopped. All this can be achieved by an app calledDisableWinTracking. Click here on the app and know the instruction of how to use this app. This software tracks your location, collects data on you, and it can even upload your Wi-Fi password to your friends.

Microsoft is said to have low security and privacy when compared to other Operating Systems. But it’s not at all true according to the Microsoft users. Perhaps the biggest critique is that upon setup. The process could offer more granular options and report less data back to the software giant.

All the tracking mechanisms can be switched off through various options at setup, and after the fact through the settings. But now, this app will help you by stopping Windows 10 from tracking you all the time. It is a light-weight and open-source app.

The app, by its name says, disables telemetry collections, disables certain Window services, and some other type of tracking.

The app developer, Syed Qazi stated that the app started out as a python script before being developed into its present form after gaining support and traction on Reddit. The developer’s main plan was to disable the Operating System from tracking your movements.

And this is not the only features added with the Windows 10 Operating System. There are some dozens of features which proves that Windows 10 is better than Windows 8.

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