Set Up A Nintendo Switch

Nintendo switch

In the previous article(Nintendo Switch Review), we have discussed completely the Nintendo Switch. If buying a device is the first thing, then knowing how to set it up and how to use it is the immediate one. Without knowing the basic usage of a device, you can’t handle it all the with you. You own a Nintendo Switch but don’t know how to set up a Nintendo Switch. Here are we to let you know the procedure to set up a Nintendo Switch.

Step 1: Press the Power button on the top of the screen in the left corner to turn ON the Nintendo Switch.

Step 2: Select the desired language.

Step 3: Choose the region where you live.

Step 4: Select Accept to accept the End-User License Agreement.

Step 5: Click on Next.

Step 6: Choose the wireless network you want the device to use.

Step 7: Enter your Wi-Fi password.

Step 8: Select OK or press the + button on the right Joy-Con.

Step 9: Select OK once the Switch has successfully connected to the network.

Step 10: Choose your time zone.

Step 11: Select Connect to TV. You can choose to do this at a later time.

Step 12: Detach the Joy-Con controllers from either side of the Switch, by holding the release button on the back and sliding the controllers upwards.

Step 13: Select Next.

Step 14: Select Next on the “You will need the following” screen.

Step 15: Set up the Nintendo Switch Dock and click Next.

Step 16: Connect the Nintendo Switch Dock to your TV and power source.

Step 17: Place the Switch console into the dock. Make sure your TV is set to display the proper HDMI input.

Step 18: Select Success when your TV displays the image.

Step 19: Select Next to create a New User.

Step 20: Select an icon to represent your user. You can also create a Mii if you’d prefer and you can change this icon at any time.

Step 21: Enter a nickname for the user.

Step 22: Select OK.

Step 23: Then click on skip. Alternatively, you can set up more users by selecting Add Another User.

Step 24: Choose to Configure Parental Controls or Skip. I chose to skip this step.

Step 25: Press the HOME button on the right Joy-Con controller.

These steps will let you set up a Nintendo Switch with ease.

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