Manage Windows 10 Notifications


Finally, Windows 10 took an Action center to the desktop OS which permits you to record the notifications from different parts of the operating system, apps, email, and other areas.

Keep an eye on the notifications because we should know the detailed information about when the notifications are received, just like Windows phone 8.1 does.

Quiet Hours is one option to mute and unmute the visual and audible notifications in windows 10 but it is used for disabling notifications temporarily. You can easily configure quick access to that button in the Action Center.


The next option is to turn off the master alert toggle for not receiving any notifications but that seems trying to drive a nail with a hammer.

So let us take a good process which really set up the notifications in Windows 10 and just keep your apps what you need.

To begin open up the Settings app – a shortcut to this is located in the Start Menu.

Windows 10


To start the processes open the Settings app.

Click/ tap on System from the main page of the Settings app

From the System page click/tap on Notifications & actions.

Windows 10

From here there are several controls relating to notifications on Windows 10.

Windows 10


  1. Toggle to show visual notifications on the lock screen.
  2. Master toggle to turn off all related notifications app.
  3. Toggle to turn off all notifications for a specific app.
  4. Toggle to show alarms, reminders, and incoming calls on the lock screen
  5. Toggle to not allow notifications to pop up on the screen when you are presenting.
  6. Click on the highlighted app name to customize notifications for that app.

Windows 10


You can now decide to modify notification settings for that specific app after clicking on the linked name of any app on the previous page.

  1. Turns on/off for this app. audible notifications.
  2. Turns on/off all notifications for this app.
  3. Turns on/off visual notifications/banners for this app.


With this level of control, you can really pull exactly what alerts you see in the Windows 10 Action Center.

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