Move Windows 7 to a Larger Hard Disk


There are many ways to fill up our hard disks though every year the bigger hard drives comes out. As we like to take pictures, watching movies and all kinds of files, so it fills our storage. If you bought a new system, you will be given 500 GB hard disk default which looks as no storage after few months.

It is easy to upgrade to a larger drive as it has mechanical storage devices. If you want you can even use that older hard disk for additional storage. Upgrading to a larger hard disk is too simple.

Problem for disk low-space


Windows alerts you with a pop-up message if your space is filled just like “You are running out of disk space on Local Disk [drive]. To free space on this drive by deleting old or unnecessary files, click here.” or some other kinds of disk space warning.


If there are many programs in your computer, then remove some of them.

Shrink some partitions and extend partition those are small.

Use disk clone for upgrading the hard disk to larger and transfer the data into the new one.

Upgrade to Larger disk

There is an effective way to upgrade a disk to upgrade applications, storing the data without re-installing the computer. A free disk clone software is EaseUS Todo Backup to upgrade disk.

You need to download the full version of this freeware. Then upgrade the disk by cloning the entire disk to a larger one without reinstalling applications and operating system.


  • Launch EaseUS Todo Backup
  • Select Disk Clone
  • Follow the wizard to Clone your disk

disk partition clone

After completing all the steps, upgrade your hard disk to a larger one. Later transfer all the data on your original disk to a larger one in a simple way.

This software provides a good way of backup and recovery that effectively protects the important data in your system apart from disk clone features.

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