Make A 3D Logo In Photoshop

Photoshop is one of the interesting subjects with which we can create wonders and make them look realistic. Photoshop is useful to make our own pictures and images with the help of photoshop. We can make logos in different styles. These logos can be designed to look as 3D images. We have to follow certain steps to make a 3D logo in photoshop.

Here are the steps to make a 3D logo in photoshop. These steps might not be the same for all the logo designs. They may differ according to the logo. This tutorial will be helpful only when you are ready with a logo in photoshop. Here, we make a 3D logo in Adobe Photoshop CS2. So, install the program on your PC to make a 3D logo.

So, let’s get into the stepwise tutorial of the making of a logo 3D in photoshop.

Step 1: First of all, download the source logo which you would like to make it 3D. Give a name “moon 1” to the layer and duplicate the first layer. Use the mouse right-click to duplicate it. For that, right-click on the layer and choose duplicate layer. Now give another name “moon 2” for the duplicate layer and click OK. There’s a keyboard shortcut “Ctrl+J” to duplicate the layer.


BlueMoon DuplicateLayer

Step 2: Drag the moon 2 layer slightly to the left bottom and give a brighter color to the layer “moon 2”.

Sliding Blue Moon Layer

Color Changing in 3d Logo

Step 3: By using the pen tool, make a good shape at the ends of the moon 2 layer so as to make the ends look sharp.

Pen Tool Blue Moon Layer

Pull this with Pen Tool

Step 4: Set the layer styles as shown below.

Add Layer Style 3d Logo


Step 5: Now, we need to add the effects of light on the moon with the brush tool. Before that create a new layer and name it as light and set the blending layer “Overlay”.

125px master diameter

Choose the diameter of the brush to be 125 px, 0% hardness, and color to be #ffff.


Then select the “moon 2” layer press “Ctrl+left click on the vector mask thumbnail” and then back to the layer “light” and give the paint its edges.

Moon2 edit

Deselect the current layer and select the “moon 1” layer. Now, press “Ctrl+alt+left click on the vector mask thumbnail” on the “Moon 2” layer. Then back to the “light” layer. Finally, give the paints.

Brush Red Area


Brush red into small

Step 6: Add layer style on “moon 1” layer as shown below.

layer settings1

Step 7: Use the “ellipse tool” to create a shadow effect. First, make an oval form with a color #000 height 27px and 355px wide. Then convert from vector to object by right-clicking on the layer and choose Rasterize Layer. After that make an object a litter blurry by using gaussian blur with a radius of 10px. Further, reduce the opacity layer to 30%.

Step 8: Now edit the text layer “BLUE” to add the layer style.

Step 9: Duplicate the “BLUE layer” and slide a little down and then change the layer style.

Blue Gradient Effect

Step 10: Now, duplicate both the “BLUE layer” and the “BLUE copy layer” (which is made previously). Then select both layers and merge. After that, change the opacity to become 20%.

Step 11: Repeat step 8 through step 10 to change the MOON layer.

Blue Moon

Step 12: Select Layer 0, and add blue color to the layer (background layer) using gradient tool.

Bluemoon final logo

Finally, the image you can see is a 3D logo. Don’t you find these steps easy to make a 3D logo in photoshop? Beginners will find this easy and understandable too. Hope, you will follow the points to make your own 3D logo in photoshop.

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