Improve Your Experience on Mac

Improve Your Experience on Mac

One of the most user-friendly and effective machines available is Mac. Mac operating system supports all user irrespective of the fact they are new to the system or using advanced features. Macs come with a whole lot of useful programs and apps installed. It’s always a great experience using Mac for work.

Though Mac contains much useful apps and features. Despite that, there are certain features which can be added to improve the functionality of the system. Let us discuss certain tips to improve your overall Mac experience.

Try Gestures:

Try Gestures

You can double-click with two fingers in Safari to zoom the area of your choice. To swap desktops in full-screen mode, you can try three-finger swipe. Swipe left and right you can scroll backward and forwards in Safari with two fingers. In other options, you can try gestures like pinch to zoom. To make work on Mac more intuitive and interactive, these gestures are available on Mac. Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad, and glass trackpad are three tabs available to allow recognition of accurate gestures. In Apple Menu, select System Preference option to go into the trackpad area to understand and learn how Gestures work on Mac.

Try better battery habits:

Try better battery habits

While working on the system, don’t leave it plugged in all the time. Or let it get discharged completely too often. Use the system in an optimized way and for better performance of the Mac, try to generate it.

App Store options:

App Store

Look for more App Store visits. App Store options habit can turn your liking into loving your Mac. In your App Store, there are a lot of useful apps available to explore those apps and use them. Through reviews and comments available for these apps, check for useful apps.

Use Spotlight:


This helps you to find anything on your Mac. To save a lot of your time and efforts while working on Mac. You can find your pictures, music, apps, files, data, chat transcripts or anything using this option.

Download 3rd party browser:

3rd party browser

Though downloading additional browser will certainly help you to work instantly, Safari includes a lot of useful and cool features. In fact, many users have their own preference when it comes to browsers. According to your choice, you can choose FirefoxChrome or any other browser. This additional browser or browsers provide you some extra useful features. Research to find the best browser for you.

Install Browser plugins:

Install Browser plugins

New features like search engines, virus scanners, can be added by Web browser plugins.It also supports new file type such as a new video format and many others to your browsing. Quick Time Player, Java plug-ins, Adobe Flash Player and other resources are also included in some prominent browser plug-ins. Certain browser plugins can help you improve your surfing experience drastically or can make it more secure.

Download VLC Media Player:

VLC Media Player

Download VLC media player to improve your media files streaming experience. This supports almost all multimedia files and video formats.

Clear your dock:

clear the dock

This is the one major task to complete. Keep your dock clean. Remove the apps from your dock, if there are certain programs or apps which you don’t use often. From the Dock, select those apps and drag them off.



To synchronize common activities such as sharing files between your iPhone, iPad, and mac uses iCloud services. This saves a lot of your efforts and time.

Use Keyboard shortcuts:

Keyboard shortcuts

Instantly, keyboard shortcuts enable you to perform tasks. You can cut and paste text, open and close files, swap between browser tabs, quit apps and can do a lot of other things using shortcuts. Go to System Preferences -> Keyboard and choose Keyboard Shortcuts to assign custom shortcuts.

To improve your Mac experience we can also discuss a common problem which many Macs face when we are discussing various apps and services. One such problem which says startup disk is almost full” relates to the problems with your disk space. Manually, you can remove unnecessary programs and files to make some breathing space for your Mac or you can also use various apps to instantly delete the unused data. One such app is offered by Systweak Software called “Disk Analyzer Pro”. This app displays a detailed analysis of folders & files on your disk. This way you can remove unnecessary files from the disk to make some precious disk space.

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