Improve iOS 10 Battery Life on Your iPhone or iPad


Battery life issue has existed for long on iPad or iPhone. There are many reasons to blame if your device battery goes berserk. An annoying bug, an ill-fated software update, power-sucking features or killer apps could turn out to be the main enemy.

I didn’t surprise to see the rapid  battery drain on my iPhone having met with similar fate a number of times before. I was able to fix the iOS 10 battery life issues with the use of some very helpful tricks.

To prevent the fast battery consumption on the latest iOS ecosystem if you’re finding it hard. Follow these best tips and tricks to troubleshoot the problem as well as improve the battery life of your iPhone.

How to Fix iOS 10 Battery Life Issue on iPad or iPhone

How To Improve iOS 11 Battery Life On iPhone And iPad1

Turn Off Location Services


  • To your iPhone’s battery life Disable Location Services can prove to be a shot in the arm.
  • Go to Settings app, select Privacy.
  • Click on Location Services
  • You need to toggle off the switch next to Location Services.
  • Click on Turn Off at the bottom to confirm.

Disable Background App Refresh


  • In the background, apps continue to get refreshed. Turn off Background App Refresh cannot just save a lot of data. On concord, also improve battery life of your device.
  • Open Settings app and go to General.
  • Click on Background App Refresh.
  • Now toggle off the switch next to Background App Refresh.

Turn off Automatic Downloads

  • Automatically, if you want apps to get updated or downloaded on your iOS device then just toggle off this feature.
  • Launch Settings app and then go to iTunes & App Store.


  • You need to turn off the switch next to Music, Books & Audiobooks, Apps and Updates under Automatic Downloads.


Turn on Low Power Mode

Temporarily it’ll reduce power consumption by disabling features such as automatic downloads when you enable Low Power Mode.

  • Launch Settings app, then open Battery.


  • Toggle on the switch next to Low Power Mode.


Turn off Wi-Fi/Cellular Data/Bluetooth When Not in Use

  • Toggle off Wi-Fi or Bluetooth or Cellular Data when you are not using it.

Allow Notifications Only From Selected Apps

It’s better to choose only a few apps if you want notifications from a number of apps.

  • Launch Settings app, then go to Notifications.


  • Click on the app which you don’t want to receive notification from.


  • Turn off the switch next to Allow Notifications.


Use Headphone to Listen to Music

iPhone speaker eats into battery soon. Hence, using headphone while listening to music helps your device battery last a bit longer.

Toggle off iCloud Keychain

iCloud Keychain allows you to keep the passwords and credit card information you save up to date on your other synced devices.

  • Open Settings app and then go to iCloud.


  • Click on Keychain.


  • Turn off the switch next to iCloud Keychain and Enter your Apple ID passwords in the popup and them click on Sign In.


Check Out Battery Usage

  • You should keep a track of the usage of respective apps. Go to Settings and select Battery. Delete and reinstall app if you find any app consuming a lot of battery.

Keep Auto-Brightness in Check


  • It’s recommended to keep the auto-brightness at the minimum level. Swipe up from the bottom to bring Control Center and then set it perfectly.

Keep Auto-Lock to Minimum Time

Confirm to set auto-lock to minimum time.

  • Launch Settings app and select Display & Brightness.


  • Click on Auto-Lock and choose the minimum time.


Reset All Settings


Resetting your iPhone to factory defaults can help you troubleshoot the battery draining issue.

  • Launch Settings app then go to General.
  • Tap on Reset by scrolling down.
  • Confirm by clicking on Reset All Settings.


Update to the Latest Software Version

Estimating these tried and tested tricks help you resolve the battery life issue on your iPhone. Update your device to the latest software version in case they fail to do the job for you.

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