Improve Fingerprint Recognition With Touch ID

Touch ID

Touch ID is Apple’s fingerprint identity sensor. This Touch ID can be used to unlock your device, apps, log in to all the apps on your device just holding the finger against the sensor. And now fingerprint is the most used and preferred feature for all the devices and everywhere such as house lock system, attendance, automobiles, and much more. Once you got used with the Touch ID fingerprint recognition, you won’t like to use other locking apps or locks. Any user might find this change frustrating.

Why people like to use fingerprint scanner is all because of the speed of getting tasks done. For instance, while unlocking a device, typing a password or drawing a pattern is more time consuming than simply touching the sensor to unlock. You no longer have to type any password with having the Touch ID on Apple devices. Of course, the fingerprint scanner may also take a long time to sense your touch, if your finger is wet.

The sensor accuracy can be improved with enrolling with the fingerprint more than once as separate fingers. This will be helpful and easy to unlock your device when the sensor is unable to scan a finger, you can again re-touch the sensor to scan the same finger as another. The sensor should capture the full scan of your finger as it is important to move your finger slightly each time when adding a fingerprint. The Touch ID is the best when your finger is wet and the button is clean. Sometimes, it asks you to get your finger scanned more than once as it fails to scan your finger.

To apply this on to your iPhone, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Go to Settings app on your iOS device then tap on “Touch ID and Passcode”. Enter a passcode before accessing these settings.



Step 2: Here you will see the fingerprints that you have enrolled before. You might have enrolled only one finger and now you can enroll five fingers including your thumb three times. You can rename your fingerprints so that you won’t get confused among the fingerprints. While taking the same thumb three times, make sure that you get it scanned it on different areas.


You can get your other fingers scanned in the same way as you did to scan the thumb in different areas for more than once. And surprisingly, you can even add your toe prints to keep your device more secure.

rename the fingerprints

Once you are done with saving these changes on your iPhone or iPad. You can unlock your device quickly and without any time delay or any error. This way you can find that the Touch ID of your Apple device has been improved by adding more fingerprints.

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