Hide photos on android without app

How to hide files, photos, videos and apps on Android Without An App

The file explorer app exists default or else install it in your device. You can download any file explorer app, if you don’t have it. You can choose from ES File Explorer, OI File Manager or File Expert to name a few. If you have a pre-installed file manager app, it would serve the purpose.

How to hide files

Opening the file manager app and locating all the pictures or videos those you want to hide is the next step.

How to hide files, photos

Select all the media files such as Pictures, videos and other files which you are willing to hide and move them to a newly created folder. You can give any name to that folder. Here we named it “Hidden”.


Select the rename option and prefix the folder’s name with a dot (.)


Uncheck ‘Show hidden files’ option by going to the ‘Settings’ option of your file manager app.


The folder you prefixed with a dot as soon as you uncheck it wouldn’t be shown in the file manager app. All the media files wouldn’t appear in the ‘Gallery app’ corresponding to it. Now your private files are hidden.

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