Get up to 8GB of extra storage on your iPhone


We like to have more space though the current space is sufficient to us. Generally, think of all the extra pictures, videos, and apps you can store. Absolutely, Spotify offline playlists would be endless. Your storage dreams could become a reality. There’s a very easy way in which you can bag yourself a whole load of extra storage. This is true.

storage full

Step 1: Check how much storage you have

check space in iPhone


You need to check how much storage you actually have. You can’t compare how much extra storage you get until you have a round number of what you have right now. Just head to Settings -> General -> Storage -> iCloud Usage to find out the storage. You should be able to see how much storage you are using now and how much you have free space to use.

You need to just take a screenshot. You can refer back to it afterwards and see what the difference is that way. You can take the snap by pressing the ‘Power’ and ‘Home’ button at the same time.

Step 2: Update your iPhone


This step takes few minutes but it will be well worth it. Go to General -> Settings -> Software Update. The upgrade to iOS 10.3 should already be ready right now. So you just need to press update. You need a WiFi signal and at least 50% of battery life to complete this step.

The update should take no more than a two minutes to complete depending on your signal. Your mobile restarts and you can start reaping the rewards right away once it’s completed.

Step 3: Check how much storage you have (again)


After downloading the new update, just check how much extra storage you have. There are different results from different versions of the iPhone. For instance, the iPhone 7 Plus has been said to get up to 7.8 GB of extra storage space after the update. How much will you completely depend on apps and items which you have on mobile.

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