Get Old MS Paint On Windows 10Windows 10

In the new Windows 10 Build 14971, Microsoft has decided to remove the old MS Paint to incorporate the new Paint 3D app. Officially, there hasn’t been given any reason to anyone for discarding the old one. Likely, the reason seemed for removing the app was only to discard the old one.

All the Win32 applications are slowly being discarded for the new UWP apps. First the Calculator, then the Live Essentials and now the Paint app. From now, you can expect a lot of the traditional apps pre-installed on Windows to be replaced by their newer and sometimes better counterparts.

All the keyboard and mouse users may feel uncomfortable without the old version of MS Paint on their systems. Because they load faster and allowed the user to quickly paste, crop and save an image.

The last update to the Windows Paint was in Windows 7. In that, we got the ribbon interface and addition of nice brushes to draw. The new Paint 3D has many features like support for 3D printing, layers, and transparency.

To own the classic MS Paint in your systems, follow the below steps :

Uninstall Paint 3D Preview

Step 1 : Select Win key and search for Paint 3D Preview on the Start menu. This will probably be either at the top or in the P section.

Step 2 : Right click on Paint 3D Preview application and select Uninstall.

Windows 10

Step 3 : Again, select Uninstall on the small pop up to remove the app and its respective data.

Windows 10

Now you will get Old MS Paint on Windows 10 after the uninstallation is over. This is the method working on the current build 14971.

Perform a Registry hack to get Old MS paint on Windows 10

Step 1 : write Win+R, type Regedit and then press Enter.

Windows 10

Step 2 : Navigate to the path


Step 3 : If you don’t find Settings under Paint then right click on Paint and hover on New  and thereafter select Key in the sub-menu.

Windows 10

Step 4 : A new key is created , so write the name of this key Settings.

Windows 10

(Note : If you don’t find Paint registry key then create it in the same way.)

Step 5 : Now right click on Settings, hover over New and choose DWORD (32-bit) Value on the Sub-menu.

Windows 10

Step 6 : You have created a new parameter, so, name it Disable Modern Paint Bootstrap.

Windows 10

Step 7 : Now move ahead to the right pane, double click on Disable Modern Paint Bootstrap and replace value data o with 1.

Windows 10

If you want to bypass the steps and download the reg files to Disable Paint 3D Preview on Windows 10 in order to get the old MS Paint then click below

Check if the traditional MS Paint opens. You will get the old MS Paint on Windows 10 replacing the annoying new one.

This solution will work until a next registry setting does not supersede.

So using these methods, you will MS paint on Windows 10 easily and quickly. The processes will work forever even after the coming development in Print 3D Preview. We hope you will easily follow the guide and make the classic MS Paint active.

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