Enable Missed Call Alerts on Windows 10

Missed Call AlertsSometimes you cannot stay with your phone. In general, that’s fine. But on Event, though, you might need to know if an important call comes  while you’re in deep down work on your PC.
That’s why having a cool feature pushed away in Windows 10 that will permit you to receive missed call alerts on your windows 10 PC. The below is how to get it up and running.
Note: This Requires a Window First, here’s what you need to do from your desktop:
• Click the Cortana icon on your taskbar.
• In the menu bar on the left side, click the third icon from the top (looks like a book).
• Click Settings.
• Scroll to Missed Call Notifications and turn it to On.

Missed Call Alerts

Now, below is what you should do on your phone:
• Click Search
• Click the hamburger icon
• Choose the third icon from top labelled Notebook
• Click Settings
• Scroll to Missed Call Notifications and keep it to On
Now, if you had missed a call on your Windows phone, an alert will explode up on your desktop.

This is what about the Missed Call Alerts on windows 10 PC.

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