Student Discount On Apple Products

Student discount

If you are planning to buy an Apple product to take it with you to your school, college, or university, we hope to get a student discount on the product’s price. And of course, we obviously get a discount being a student. There is a special offer made by Apple available for students. It is worth considering that to save up to 15% off on MacBook, iPhone, iPad, and other Apple products.

As long as you are a student at a school, college, or university, you need not worry about not getting concessions on Apple products. Even there are offers and discounts available for the staffs working at educational institutions. So, teachers also get a price discount on new Apple products almost equal with the discounts for the students.

For instance, when you plan to buy a MacBook that costs Rs.63,350, you will get this product for Rs.53,850 with 15% discount and also you will get a Beats Solo 2 wireless headphones along with the MacBook. But unfortunately, we don’t have any offers and discounts in our country. All these offers are available only for the students in US, UK, and Europe.

Beats Wireless Headphones:

Beats wireless headphones

For each Apple product that a student or a teacher or even a parent of a student buys, they have a choice to select from Beats wireless headphones. They can pick one from BeatsX, Beats Solo 2 or 3, or PowerBeats3 headphones for a MacBook, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, iMac, or iMac Pro.

Click here if you are a student in the US and click here if you are student in the UK. These are the Apple’s back to school websites that gives the details about the offers for students.

Apple’s back to school offers:

  • MacBook Air starting from $849, £854.40, AU$1,429 (Rs.54,470).
  • MacBook Pro starting from  $1249/£1124.40/AU$1829 (Rs.84,500 on an average)
  • iPad starting from  $309/£321.60/AU$439 (Rs.22,300 on an average)
  • iPad Pro starting from  $629/£522/AU$949 (Rs. 40,000 on an average)

If you are already using an Apple device, such as MacBook, it will be useful while you want to replace the old one with a new Apple device. Apple offers a credit in the form of Apple Store Gift Card if you trade from your existing Mac. This offer can be used while paying for a new Apple device. The offer depends on the making, condition, and the model of the device. The Mac models from 2009 can help you get the offers on the Apple devices.

Who do you think are eligible for these Apple back to school offers? Is it that just saying that you are a student will help you get the offers on Apple products? No! This statement will never help you in anyway. Not only you should be studying in a higher secondary school or college, you have to provide a student ID or documentation to prove that you are a student. If you are ready with these proofs, then you are eligible for the student’s educational discount. Luckily, parents of the students can also avail these discount offers on behalf of their children.

If you are staff at an educational institution, you can get these offers by providing your ID card, payslip or any other form of ID that proves that you work there.



Unidays is an application to help you make this discount offers smooth. It is a free website that offers a huge number of student-only deals. The only thing required is your college or university email address which you have given while enrolling.

Claim an Apple Education Discount:

When you know that you are eligible for the Apple Education Discount, go to the Apple For Education website. This website will highlight all the current deals on offers for students and teachers. Firstly, you will have to select the device and check the student and staff status with Unidays. You can get this done by clicking “Get started”.

Otherwise, you can visit a nearby Apple Store taking along with you an ID proof if you are living in US, UK, or Australia. Once everything is perfect, you can get the student discount on the Apple device which you are planning to buy.

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