Generating A Report Of Bounced Email Messages

Bounced Email

Did you ever experience getting bounced email messages in your Gmail account? If yes, you might have thought what may be the reason for receiving a bounced message. There are a number of reasons for the messages to bounce back.

The following are some reasons why they bounce back without getting delivered to the desired recipient:

  • The email address to which you have sent the message may be incorrect
  • Maybe due to account settings
  • The recipient’s mailbox may be full and unavailable to receive new emails anymore
  • The email server of your intended receiver might be blocking your emails
  • If anything is wrong or mistakes in the content of your email, the email message may bounce back.

A bounce back notice is sent to you by whenever your email fails to be delivered to any recipient. The message from the mailer daemon contains the precise information completely. It includes in it, the SMTO error code, on why your email had bounced back. For example, the 550 error code implies that the email address you tried to connect to, does not exist. The 554 error code indicates that your email was marked as spam by the email server of your receiver.

How to Generate A Report Of All The Bounced Emails?

It’s not possible for anyone to keep on checking for the bounced email messages and undelivered ones every time when you send an email. For making it easy to prepare a list of bounced messages, Gmail Spread Sheet will help you out. Moreover, Mail Merge is another option which you can choose to obtain the list of bounced email messages. In case, if you haven’t still started using Mail Merge, this seems for you a simple and better way.

Below is how to get started with Google Spread Sheet to prepare a list of bounced email messages from your Gmail:

Step 1: Click here to go to the Google Spread Sheet.

Step 2: Enter your email id and password to login to your Gmail account.

Bounced Emails

Step 3: Click on “Make A Copy”.

Bounced Email


Step 4: Here appears the page with Copy of Bounce Email Report for Gmail in Google Spread Sheet.

Step 5: Close if any interrupts are there on the page.

Bounced Emails

Step 6: Click on “Gmail” in the Menus and select “Bounce Report” from the drop down.

Bounced Emails

Step 7: Gmail will process your request and needs your permission to access your data on Google. Then click on “continue”.

Bounced Emails

Step 8: Now click on “Allow” to allow Google to View and manage your spreadsheets in Google Drive.

Bounced Emails

Google will display the list of bounced email messages in your Gmail account.

Bounced Emails

Hope you find this method a simple one to list out your bounced email messages instead of searching them in your email one-by-one. This method will take only a minute or two to prepare a list for your bounced messages. although it’s easy than the Mail Merging option in your account.

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