Enable The Multi-Windows Feature on Android


While operating an Android device, we sometimes need to open more tabs at a time. Suppose that you are browsing Internet Explorer on your device and you received an important message or a mail that has to be responded. After you respond to that email or message through its respected app, you will have to come again to the browser. But the thing is that you have to again browse from the start. You can’t continue from where you stopped. Sometimes you feel irritated to keep changing the windows on the Android device. But don’t worry! Here is a feature on Android phones that will get you out of this difficulty. There is an option to enable the multi-windows feature on your device.

This will make it easy for you to browse among several windows. You can go through a number of apps. You need not close any of the apps that you have opened and you can directly continue from where you have stopped. But where can that feature enable the multi-windows to be found on the Android device?

Let’s have a tutorial to know how to enable the multi-windows feature on an Android device. To enable the multi-windows mode in Android Marshmallow you will need to install Marshmallow and a root-enabled file manager on the device.

  1. Hold on the power and volume down button to boot into recovery mode.
  2. Select “Mount” then go to “System” once the menu appears.
  3. Connect your device to your computer and open a CMD window on the Windows OS.
  4. Type “adb pull/system/build.prop”.
  5. Open the file using a text editor and locate the “ro.build.type” line.
  6. Find “user” after the “=” sign, change it to “userdebug” and save.
  7. Type “adb push build.prop /system/” in the CMD window.
  8. Type “adb shell” to open a shell window.
  9. Type “cd system”.
  10. Type “chmod 644 build.prop”.
  11. Reboot your device.
  12. Navigate to Developer options. For that go to “Settings” app and click on “About Phone”. Tap on “Built Number” seven times. Under that, select Drawing and scroll down to enable the Multi-windows feature.

enable multi windows

That’s it! Now the multi-windows feature is enabled on your Android Marshmallow device. You can be displayed more than one window on your screen at the same time.

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