To Email Large Files Hassle-Free

To email large files hassle free 1

You have to spend your fortune many times while sending huge files. Most of the people even before twig it, they hit the barrier. The mail servers limit the attachment sizes to 10 MB. Nevertheless, this limit is quite big for Gmail and Yahoo. They allow the sharing of maximum 20-25 MB files. Unfortunately, some files are even bigger than that.

You can send a big file by using the following free services:

Mail Big File:


At a time 2GB files can be sent through this quick option. If you don’t have an idea about how to send large files, then the solution is Mail Big File. In a given time, it enables you to upload multiple files. You can easily share whatever files you want with its drag and drop feature, irrespective of its size. You can definitely regard it as a superb free service to complete the job although it is having many pros and cons.



You can share the files with other users of Dropbox as it’s the most used cloud service. You can also send the users a link instead of opening a Dropbox account. So that they can easily download the file sent by you. Nevertheless, it allows you to store up to 16 GB of files with referrals. This has erased the problem of how to email large files completely and is easy-to-use.

One Drive:


This is similar to Dropbox. You can store files of up to 15 GB in the cloud service here. You can get a storage facility of 500 MB more of all if you’re looking for something more. They can create an account using your referral. You can also link 15GB files to the camera roll of your mobile.

Google Drive:



Google Drive

Google Drive is another great way to email large files. You can access it from anywhere if you store files in Google Drive. Plus, you will get a free space of 15GB that will be linked to your Google account.



It is somewhat complicated where you have to set up your account. You can use it to send a file of maximum 250 MB and it is free. You can also store here 5 e-signatures and 2GB files. The app can be easily accessed from a desktop or mobile.

Facing problems in sending big files are a matter of the past now with the coming up of these apps.

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