Download iOS 11 Beta Without Developer Account

iOS 11 Beta

As Apple has announced its other OS, it’s now time for iOS 11 Beta version for its developers for testing purpose before the release of the final product. Moreover, Apple cannot commit the exact time of the launch of its official version. Can the guess the devices this version will support? They support almost all the iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Here are all the list of devices the version of iOS 11 Beta will support.

  • iPhone:  7, 7 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, 6, 6 Plus, iPhone SE, 5s
  • iPad: mini 4, mini 3, and mini 2
  • iPad Pro: 12.9-inch (first and second gen), 10.5-inch, 9.7-inch, Air 2, Air, iPad (2017)
  • iPod: Touch sixth gen

This time Apple has launched a number of features for its users. They include Dock mode, Airplay 2, one hand typing, advanced, improved SIRI, and many such new and improved features. The iOS 11 Beta version is available with a lot of iOS 11 Beta bugs.

Now, we wish to install the iOS 11 Beta version on your iPhone. But we need a developer account. We are neither developers nor we have any account. Then what can be done to install the iOS 11 Beta version without developer account on your iPhone?

Before installing the iOS 11 Beta version, there are some points to be followed. We need to prepare the iPhone for the installation of the version. Let’s go on with it.

Step 1: Firstly, research and understand the iOS 11 beta version features and its limitations.

Step 2: As this’s not an official release, please read about iOS 11 bugs and glitches before you proceed.

Step 3: Keep your login information and passcode (if any) handy as you need them when booting up the device after installing new OS.

Step 4: Take a whole backup of your iPhone with iTunes. Alternatively, you can use the “Dr.fone toolkit – iOS Data Backup & Restore” for a hassle free and one click transfer of all your internal files.

Step 5: Get know about the downgrade process of the iOS. It may require if in some stage you don’t like the changed or beta version of iOS.

Step 6: Finally, read the instruction process thoroughly before you start so that it won’t hamper the process.

After preparing the iPhone for installing the iOS 11 Beta version, the only thing we need to do is to install the iOS 11 version of Beta. Keep in mind that this version is still not official. If you are a developer, it’s easy for you to install this version on your device. But if you are not a developer and if you are new to iOS and want to experience the latest release, then this tutorial will help you. So, let’s get into the main procedure without the developer account to install the iOS 11 Beta.

Step 1: Open Safari browser on your iPhone device and click here to download the Beta version of iOS 11. Make sure that you do not use other browsers other than the Safari browser to download this.

Step 2: Tap on Install on the top-right corner of the display. Click again on Install, accept the terms and conditions from the Apple. Confirm the installation and proceed with the installation.

install iOS 11 Beta


Step 3: After clicking on Install, you will be directed to restart the device, then tap on restart.

restart iphone

Step 4: Once your device restarts, go to Settings > General > Software updates, to check the Software updates available on the device.

software updates

Step 5: At the bottom of the screen, click on the “Download and Install” that appears under the Software update.

download and install iOS 11 Beta

Step 6: After the download completes, tap on Install now to get started with the installation of iOS 11 Beta.

Step 7: Now, your devices will again restart and reboot, after which your device runs on iOS 11 Beta. After your device restarts, click on the home button, it will display the “Update Complete”. Then tap on “continue” that appears on the same screen.

Step 8: This will direct you to a screen which asks you to create a password. It depends on the user if they want to create a password or not. If you wish to have a password, directly create a password otherwise, tap on the “Passcode Options” and then tap on Don’t add passcode. Then finally confirm your request and continue with the iOS.

ios 11 beta installed

The iPhone screen will show “Welcome to iPod”. Then click on get started. That’s all, you can see that iOS 11 Beta version has been successfully installed on your iPhone. To check the iOS version on your iPhone, go to Settings > General > About. Here you can see that the iOS version is 11. Now you are done with the installation of iOS 11 Beta without the developer account.

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