Create Your Own Point And Click An Adventure Game

Adventure game

Adventure creator is one of the tools which allows you to make your own point and click adventure game. This almost looks similar to the old adventure games from Sierra. There are some additional features designed for Adventure creator that gives extra functionality found in the new Adventure games such as “The Walking Dead”.

The Adventure Creator is a plugin that runs on the top of Unity. This plugin has its own set of tools, asset manager, prefab builders, and many. It includes its own programming system which allows you to build the game using this plugin. The Adventure Creator also has the ability to work with some third-party tools like PlayMaker.


What all things you need to create an adventure game? Follow the below steps to create a new adventure game on your own.

  • While starting a new game, start the new game wizard.
  • The wizard will ask you some information about the game. It may include how the game works, the type of controls used, and much such.
  • It will create a basic set of managers to work on.
  • Finally, create a main character.

Adventure Creator

To create a character, you need to add a mesh, a set of animations, sounds, etc. This character will be called by the Adventure Creator at each level and places it in a right spot whenever required. The software just needs you to set up a starting point which can also be called as “a spawn point”. At this point, the character will appear soon after you press the Play button. The characters can be controlled depending on the inputs which you have defined.

Adventure Creators consists of a panel called AC game Editor which lets you control all the aspects of the game. Now you can create different prefabs, actions, menus, and inventory items. The inventory section can be used to create new items by entering a name, an icon, and a set of actions.

AC Game Editor

Most of the adventure games are almost about interacting with things, picking up objects that will be used on the interactive elements in the background. And this is the reason why hotspot is the most used prefabs in Adventure Creator. Hotspot is an inventory item with which you can define the working of the hotspot while creating. You can create a variety of interactions for this object based on this inventory item.


The interactions are made based on the Adventure Creator’s node-based system. The node-based system is a very simple and easy-to-use and understandable system because there is no need to know about any programming to get anything done. Each node represents an action. After the completion of each action, it moves on to the next action. But in PlayMaker, you have to move from one state to the next with a group of actions.

The AC is an adventure game allows you to create your own point and click games since it is easy-to-use. Also, the Adventure Creator is very intuitive and more powerful.

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