Control Your Android Device Using A Computer

control your android device

You are working on your computer and your smartphone is out of reach or getting charged in another room. What if one of your friends has texted you? Maybe you’ll move from your desk leaving the mouse and the keyboard. After you return to your desk, think if you get another text message. Will you be moving to and fro from your computer desk to your smartphone? Definitely no! I’m sure, anyone would feel irritated to keep on moving here and there to control your Android device.

Some will think that it would be better to take the mobile and connect it to the computer through USB to charge. But what if you have to keep moving your hands from mouse and keyboard to mobile phone? You will find it disturbing to concentrate on two things simultaneously.

Do you think there is any alternative to control your Android device using your computer? Yes! There are a few apps that can help you get out of this to control your Android device. These apps should be installed on your PC.

Vysor is one of the best apps which allows you to get full control of your Android device on your computer. This Chrome app works on any desktop Operating System with the Chrome browser installed. It simply puts your Android device on your desktop. So you can operate your Android device through your desktop with this app installed on your computer.

Vysor is available in both free and paid versions. The free version is good enough to give you a taste of what’s on offer, but it’s very limited. You’ll see ads, be limited to wired-only connections (the paid version does wireless), and the video quality is low. You would need to upgrade to Vysor Pro if you plan on using it long term.

There’s virtually no setup or configuration process for Vysor. Just install and run the app in Chrome. Follow the instructions and then connect your phone and everything happens automatically. This will prompt an app is pushed to your Android device. It’s not that you must have that app on your Android device. You can ever uninstall the app if you ever want to. This can be achieved through Settings > Apps on your Android device.

Now let’s know the features of Vysor:

After installing this app on your desktop, you can see your Android device’s screen on your computer monitor. You can take screenshots, record your screen, and control the volume as there are a few buttons handy. Everything else can be done with your mouse.

Because Vysor is a screen-mirroring service that has no concern about app compatibility. Anything that runs on your phone will be displayed and is usable on the desktop. This makes it especially ideal for messaging mainly for typing large amounts of text, and it can replace the Android emulator if you’re a developer. Gaming is also possible, depending on the game. Those that require quick reflexes may be affected by a small amount of lag.

So, this might be one of the best ways to control your Android device with a computer. And hope this is easy too.

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