Add A Dramatic Sky To Your Photos

We frequently take snaps in every situation to get them into our memories. Even our mobile or the camera has an excellent feedback, it all depends on the photographer. And sometimes, the location or the atmosphere may not support us to take snaps. If the background is not up to mark, what is that we can do? Will it be a good idea to add a dramatic sky to the background? Okay! Let’s see how a photo would be after adding a dramatic sky to it.

To add a dramatic sky to your photo, firstly, we need to know a minimum about Photoshop. This will, for sure, help you bring a dramatic sky to your photo when nature doesn’t.

Let’s get to know how to add a dramatic sky to the below-shown photo in Photoshop.

Step 1: Take the image in Photoshop and unlock the image to proceed. To unlock the image, double-click on the lock symbol on the right-hand side of the screen where the layers are displayed.

Unlock background


Step 2: Select the Magic Wand tool first, click it on the sky, and tap on delete. Make sure that the sky is in only one color. If the sky has color variance, the background won’t be deleted since this tool can select the like colors. Otherwise, you need to select all the color variances in the sky one after one and get rid of it.

brush tool

Step 3: After removing the sky, now I need to add the dramatic sky to the image. There are a different number of choices to choose from to add to the background. You can add sunrise, sunset, stormy sky, cloudy one or anything else. I would like to add a sunset to the image.

To add a sunset, I will select a sunset image and drag it to my photo. And check if the sky is in contrast to my photo.

Contrast sky

Step 4: Swap the positions of the images so that the sunset is behind the main image. Then add a layer mask to the original image.

Step 5: Select a low opacity brush and blend the tree background into the sky (sunset).

Brush tool

Step 6: Now the dramatic sunset sky is added to the image but I want to bump up the sun a bit from the left-hand side so as to add flare to the image.

add Flare

Step 7: I want to add a little bit of haze to the image. For that go to trusty actions and play sheer haze.

Sheer haze

Step 8: Now, warm up the image for which you need to add a filter and name it sunlight.

Step 9: Coming to the eyes to make it stand out more. For this, run “Bring on the Eyes” action. Use the suitable and perfect opacity to make the eyes look attractive and good. You can also use “Sharpen this” action to sharpen the face.

burn and dodge tool

Step 10: Now use the Burn and Dodge tools on a duplicate layer to bring out more of the highlights and shadow.

Dramatic sky

Now you can see the overall complete image to which a dramatic sky is added to your image. This will never bring a thought to the viewers that the sky or the background is dramatic.

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