Holy Basil

Tulsi or holy basil is known as the “queen of herbs” because of the stupendous benefits that it offers. It belongs to the mint family and is the most sacred of all the herbs in Hinduism.

Not only that, but the tulsi leaves have also found their places in the ancient Ayurveda science because of the hordes of perks that it offers for the betterment of the overall health.  A number of conditions like common cold, inflammation, malaria and heart disease, and much more are treated by the extract that is derived from this plant.

The basil leaves also consist of strong anti-viral, antibacterial, immune-enhancing, apoptogenic and antioxidant properties.  Added to that, they also play a significant role in cleansing the atmosphere.

Here some of the major benefits for the teeth, hair, and skin that the holy basil leaves offer, are brought forth. Just read on.

  • Holy Basil is Great for Skin – The holy basil is great as a home remedy to treat skin disorders that are at the initial stages. The holy basil herb has successfully treated Leukoderma. You should bath with a holy bail decoction in your bathwater. Apart from that, you can also wash the face with the paste of the tulsi leaves and that will help to keep the skin free of any kind of infections. You can make the paste of petroleum jelly and basil leaves and smear it in the affected area. For the best results, you should repeat this twice.
  • Holy Basil Acts as a Mouth Freshener – Tulsi happens to be an oral disinfectant and excellent mouth freshener. This lasts for a very long time and the tulsi leaves can destroy over 99 percent of the germs and the related bacteria in the mouth. The best part is that it can last all day long. In fact, the experienced dentist in the nearest dental clinic can also tell you about how the ulcers in the mouth are also cured by the tulsi leaves. The growth of oral cancer that occurs by the chewing of tobacco can also be inhibited by the holy basil leaves.
  • Holy Basil Lightens the Scars and Marks and Prevents Acne and Pimple– The tulsi and besan face pack is popular for getting rid of the scar marks and that helps to cleanse and achieve an even skin tone. The black marks and the scar marks are lightened by the skin whitening effects of the tulsi and it also kills the bacteria that lead to pimples and acne. You should also have raw tulsi as it purifies the blood from the toxins and the appearance of the pimples and acne is reduced.
  • Holy Basil Heals the Cuts, Wounds, and Burns – You should make a tulsi powder by drying the tulsi leaves in a shade. Then grind it after adding alum and store the powder in a clean bottle made of glass. On the cuts and the wounds, you can apply the powder. The burning pain can also be dealt with by the application of a mixture made of equal amounts of coconut oil and tulsi juice.
  • Holy Basil Cures Hair fall and Treats Dandruff – You can enhance your hair oil by mixing basil paste with your hair oil. After that apply it to the scalp and leave it for 30 minutes. The hair follicles are rejuvenated, and blood circulation is promoted in the scalp because of this. This strengthens the hair roots and curbs hair fall. This will also help to reduce dandruff together with the itchiness of the scalp that accompanies it. The effect of tulsi also enhances the shine and smoothness of hair along with decreased frizz and promotes ease of combing.
  • Holy Basil Prevents Premature Greying of Hair – You can prepare the holy basil powder at home by grinding a few basil leaves. Then you can soak the powder along with powdered amla in water overnight. The next morning you should strain the mixture and wash the hair with it. This helps to prevent hair fall and also premature greying of the hair. That is why herbal hair treatments always consist of tulsi leaves.
  • Holy Basil Also Treats Oral Problems – You can treat the bleeding gums by making a paste of a few tulsi leaves that are more or less young. All you have to do is apply the paste to the bleeding gums. Take the basil extract in case of a toothache and apply it to the tooth that is affected and dab it with cotton for some pain relief. Great oral health can lead to an overall healthier body, according to this reputable dentist in arlington tx.

The above are some of the major benefits related to skin, hair, and teeth that the holy basil bestows on us. It can be said, that tulsi or holy basil is nature’s magic drug that heals by its touch helps and helps us to lead a healthier and happier life.

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