Hide Files And Folders

Hide Files in Android

We all do have secrets in our smartphones and want to maintain privacy. We would like to hide the files and folders in our smartphone from other. And Androids will be a best Operating System in supporting this feature to hide files and folders. If anyone can have access to your phone, it would be easy for them to go through your phone.

Just simply checking your phone might not be a risk but think if they misuse the files and folders. They can be able to text people as you, post to your facebook account or may even access your bank account from your smartphone. It may happen if children use your phone, unknowingly they may delete some important documents. Or someone against you may intimidate you with those files and folders for money. So to avoid all these things from happening, wouldn’t it be good if you hide your important files and folders. This would be more secure for anyone who wishes to maintain their important data more confidential.

But how is the question? Here are we to help you out of this. Yes! There are some easy ways to hide files and folders on your smartphone.

Method 1:

One of the methods to hide files and folders in Android is installing apps on the phone. There are tons of apps for Android to secure all the data, apps, and everything in your phone. Let’s go for one of the apps among them.

File Hide Expert:

File Hide ExpertFile Hide ExpertFile Hide Expert is one of the free apps to hide and unhide any files or contents on your phone with ease. To get this app on your phone, download the app from the Google Play Store. After installing this app, follow the below steps to make use of this app to hide files and folders.

Step 1: Open the app and you will receive a message which indicates that the hidden file list is empty.

Step 2: Click the folder icon on the top-right on the screen to start hiding your files.

Step 3: Then go to your File manager on the phone and check on the files and folders you want to hide. Now head back to the main screen.

Step 4: Now click on “Hide all”. This will hide all the selected files and folders and they will no longer be visible in the file manager or gallery.

This way you can hide your files and folders in a separate app. And this won’t allow you to see the hidden files and folders until you click on “Restore All”. Clicking on this will bring back all your hidden contents back to the file manager. There is a problem with this File Hide Expert that anyone can open the app and can see all the hidden files if the tap on “Restore all”. But if this is all about this app, no one would like to have this app on their Android phones. Instead, what’s the use of having this app on the phones? It is not able to hide files and folders from others visibility.

No! You are wrong if you think so. There is an option in this app to hide the files stored in the app from others. It’s simply about using the File Hide Expert’s password capability.

Tap the menu button and then “Settings”. In that, the first option is Enable password. Checking the box will prompt you to add a password.

And as usual, don’t forget the password which you are assigning to this app. Because that’s the only source to get you into your hidden files. If you erase the password from your memory, then simply you need to give up all those files how much ever important they are.

This password enabling option will let you keep your files and folders away from others sight. There are still may other apps that are supported by Android such as Keep Safe, Nova Launcher, and many others.

There are some apps that will help you hide your chats, messages, photos, videos, and other files. Vault is one such app which will let you do this. It also has a major advantage that any other app doesn’t have. You can hide the app (Vault) itself from the vision of others. While installing the app, it will ask you for hiding the app on the Android and it also asks to set a password to get the app while using. If you make a call to that number (password), then the app will be visible to you. If you forget the number, you can’t get back the data which you have hidden.

Method 2:

Dot Hide MethodIn this method, there is no need of any third-party apps like the previous method. It’s just like a setting on the Android phone. This method also works the same as the third-party apps on Android phones do. They can hide photos, videos, documents, and many such files. If you want to hide the complete folder, rename the folder name and add a dot (.) before the name. This will automatically hide the folder.

If you wish to hide some files from different folders, then you need to create a new folder in the file manager of the Android phone. Now, rename the folder in which you have kept all the photos, videos, messages, documents and other files that are to be hidden with a dot before its name.

To get back the hidden folder, click on “hidden files”. This will get you back the hidden folder in which you had hidden the files and documents.

Theses are the two ways in which you can hide files and folders on your Android phone. And no one can be able to access the files and folders that you had hidden.


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