A Magnifying Glass In iPhone Camera

magnifying glass

There’s a hidden feature in iPhone camera that helps you read even that fine print. All this can be achieved with an app built into the iOS 10. There’s a magnifying glass in the camera of the iPhone. This feature magnifies the objects using the iPhone’s camera and reaches a zoom in point more than the capability of the camera app. The native camera app includes some other features such as reading the fine prints and covering other details.

It’s very simple to access this feature on your iPhone. Simply press the home button three times. This will show a magnifier which can help you read fine prints. But before which you need to activate this feature in the setting. It’s pretty easy. Go to “Settings”, click on General in that and then tap on Accessibility. Here you can find a Magnifier click on that and turn ON the magnifier. Now pressing the home button three times will directly bring you to a magnifier.

Not only by using the iPhone camera, you can read fine prints. You can also make out its use while inside an app. There is a slider available in this feature that can adjust the magnification effect. It has a center button as in the native camera app which will freeze the image until it is pressed again. This can only freeze the image but cannot save anything.

The lightning bolt icon on the left side can turn on the camera’s flash. The icon on the bottom right is used to adjust the brightness and contrast of the image. It also triggers multi-color modes.

The magnifying glass in an iPhone camera is pretty handy other than its native camera app. Its use of reading fine prints and details can be accessed with a simple three taps on the home button. Now within your iPhone, you can carry a magnifier in your pocket.

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