Hidden Features in iOS 10


Finally, Apple has released its first and official version of iOS 10 after beta testing which took for months. This updated version brought Siri to third-party apps and performs high-level messages with a plenty of latest superpowers. Siri and Messages may be the stars of iOS 10, but there are still a lot of new features that makes you more excited.

Whether it’s better 3D Touch features or new ways to check your voicemail, the following will help you get the most out of iOS 10.

1. Voicemail Transcription :


Now, iOS 10 will transcribe your voice mails, which allows you to get a preview of the message before you listen. The feature is still in beta, so the transcriptions aren’t yet completely accurate, but until now many are still atrociously close in our experience.

2. Change your Home button back :


One new feature that some users may get used to is the latest way by which you unlock your phone — rather you need to press the home button, instead of resting your finger on it.

But this can be altered in your accessibility settings. Head to Settings —> General —> Accessibility —> Home Button and switch on “Rest Finger to Open.”

3. Notifications grouped by day :


The notifications center has been redesigned and notifications are now grouped by day. This makes it much easier to clear the screen. You can also use 3D Touch to clear all your notifications simultaneously.

4. Control flashlight brightness :


Part of iOS 10 is redesigned to Control Center, which helps you to control the brightness of the flashlight using 3D Touch. Long-press on the flashlight icon allows you to choose high, medium or low light.

5. Low-quality mode for photos in messages :


If you’re more concerned about data use, you might wish to take advantage of this feature. iMessage now includes a “Low-Quality Image Mode” setting.

Head over to Messages from the main settings menu and scroll down directly to the bottom to find the appropriate option. Remember that once this setting is enabled, it only applies to the images which you forward to others and also it won’t affect the quality of images that you receive from others.

6. Edit Live Photos :


One of the many improvements to photos in iOS is new editing controls, including a brilliance slider. But these editing tools also apply to Live Photos, which you can now edit just as you would do with any other image.

But unfortunately, the frames that appear within the Live Photos can’t be adjusted, whereas you can drop them, tweak the lighting and add filters.

7. Close all tabs in Safari :


Since you can open an unlimited number of Safari tabs at once, it makes you find yourself easily with many. But previously, the browser needed to close the tabs one after one. And now this problem has been knocked out. Just you have to hold down on the tab button (on the bottom-right of Safari) to shut them all at once.

Also, you can tap the tab button and hold down on the “Done” button to bring the same view.

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