Planning a thrilling ride on a UTV? The first thing to do is to visit a Glamis UTV rental to select the right ride for you. Additionally, you will get detailed maps to help you get around to seeing the best sights in the dunes. You will get whatever you want to have a blast without compromising your safety. So, here are some handy tips on how to stay safe while driving a UTV.

Driving a UTV
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Practice before your ride

Before cranking up the UTV engine to hit the trail, take time to do some practice.  A UTV isn’t like riding a bike or driving a car. So, familiarizing yourself with the UTV allows learning how it operates. Consider getting some tips from someone with experience with off-road vehicles.

You can practice in an empty field or open area at a slow pace. Then, you can gradually increase speed when you become familiar with the vehicle. Practice turns, steering, speeding, and brakes on flat ground to become ready to handle dips and bumps you’re likely to find on the trail.

Apply proper driving etiquette

When driving a UTV, it is very important to follow proper driving guidelines. It is just like driving around in a car. So, proper driving etiquette applies to help you stay safe. Driving on approved trails requires staying alert. This allows noticing whatever is happening around you. It also allows seeing what other drivers are doing and where they are.

This is important because you have to always yield to other drivers on the trail. Avoid stopping in the middle of the trail or stop on a hill or corner since it might be hard for other drivers to see you. Staying observant is key to staying safe while driving your UTV.

Get appropriate gear

Riding a UTV involves maneuvering rough terrain. Riding this open vehicle is risky even when it has a windshield and canvas top. There’s a risk of getting thrown from the vehicle in case of collision or serious impact. Before a thrilling Glamis Sand Dunes  ride, wearing appropriate safety gear is very important. A comfortable and sturdy helmet made for extreme sports is a handy accessory.

You can just hit the trail with a motocross helmet and goggles or a motorcycle helmet with a facemask. A face mask or goggles protect the eyes from any debris that might come flying your way. Wear protective clothing to protect your skin from bumps, scrapes, and harsh sunshine. Dress in khaki pants, a long-sleeved shirt, and sturdy boots. Don’t forget riding gloves to give you a better grip.

Follow guidelines

It is very important to follow guidelines on the trail. The rule of thumb is to use common courtesy. Doing this prevents endangering or upsetting other people around. When on the trail, stick to the designated path. This is obviously easy to maneuver and safe to go through. Equally important is to follow the posted speed limit and to watch out for animals that might cross your path.

Respect for others on the trail regardless of whether they are UTV riders, hikers, dirt bikers, or campers. Always allow others to have right of way without blocking it with your vehicle. Additionally, riding at top speed with hordes of people nearby is not recommended.

Avoid drink driving

This seems obvious but it can’t be over-emphasized. Avoiding drinking when going to drive doesn’t hurt. Driving sober  allows being aware of every situation on the trail. You are in a better position to react appropriately to avoid getting into situations that put you and other people in danger. When planning a thrilling ride in the dunes, be sure to refrain from drinking.

Operating the vehicle while intoxicated on alcohol or recreational drugs before your ride is a no-go. Equally important is to check your doctor for a go-ahead in case you have a medical condition that inhibits you from driving a UTV. While on the trail, take breaks to rest and drink some water.

Don’t let kids take the wheel

When driving  a UTV  model  with a big sitting capacity, you can take the kids around for a thrilling ride. However, you have to take safety precautions in mind to drive safely. Don’t bring the baby along. Additionally, check the age restriction in the area before the ride.

When driving with teens, don’t let them take the wheel. Kids are at risk of injuries during the bumpy ride. So, it is very important to be mindful when having kids in the UTV. Make sure that they remain in their seats securely all the time.

Keep limbs in the vehicle

When riding over the dunes, the temptation to put your hands out is high to get the sensation of flying. However, avoid the temptation. The tires are likely to be kicking up rocks and mud that might harm your limbs. In the worst-case scenario, you risk ending up pinned against a tree. Be sure that there’s enough air flowing throughout the open vehicle.

Riding a UTV on the dunes is thrilling. However, safety is a top priority while in this open vehicle. Trying out your driving skills, wearing the appropriate gear, and minding the kids are very important considerations during the ride.


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