Benefits of Wine

Benefits of Wine

Wine is an alcoholic liquid made from grapes fermented without the addition of acids, sugars, water, enzymes, or other nutrients. There are many benefits of Wine.  It is rich in polyphenol. The sugar in the grapes are consumed by Yeast and converts it to carbon dioxide and ethanol. There is a purple food coloring wine that is 70 plus approved additives used. Many feel that they can’t drink wine but once if you have it, you’ll become sensitive to the additive. It is consumed in Blue Zones in moderation throughout the world. Moreover, it’s not very good for you health. Here are the steps you should follow and reject:

Wine is good for us similar to foods we eat like butter, coconut oil, salt and eggs. There are few types of wines. In those, Red wine is generally considered healthier than the white. The Red wine consists of high anthocyanin content. It also consists of polyphenol found in grapes.

The Benefits of Wine are:

Heart Health:


In this, the traditional Mediterranean Diet often includes red wine that associates with longevity as well health too. The researches measured the effect of consuming a Mc Donald’s meal Mediterranean style meal with and without red wine. While comparison they found that non-drinking group that is red wine consumers had lower amounts of oxidized “bad” LDL. It also increased expression of antioxidant genes for both. Many studies found that red wine raises HDL “good” cholesterol as well lowers oxidized LDL “bad” cholesterol. On concord, White wines are beneficial and also rich in antioxidants hydroxytyrosol and tyrosol as it provides cardioprotection equally to red wine. “Wine consumption has a J-curve relationship to cardiovascular disease. One of the studies found that 150 mL of wine per day is better than high intakes.  The best for men is to take 1-2 glasses per day and for women is 1 per day.

Brain Health:

Model of human brain

Researchers concluded that light to moderate wine taking improved cognitive performance in the 7-year study. Northern Manhattan Study, a large longitudinal study also found that “Moderate alcohol intake may slow cognitive decline. As well both neurodegenerative and vascular mechanisms have been implicated.”

Anti Inflammatory:


In this, both white and red wine decreased the levels of several inflammatory markers in healthy women. On Concord, the significant beneficial effect is provided through red wine. Similarly, when Sicilian red wine is provided to the healthy adults aren’t habituated or ever consumed red wine then reduction in inflammatory markers and also oxidized “bad” LDL cholesterol

Gut Health:

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In this, consuming red wine continuously four weeks the presence of beneficial bacteria like Bifidobacterium will be “significantly increased”. There is also a food for prebiotic bacteria named polyphenols as a prebiotic food. In Netherlands, that wine is similar to coffee and tea and all those have prebiotic effects that increases gut diversity.

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