After Hearing word ” Red wine ” no need run by thinking it is harmful to health. Drinking half glass of wine daily will provide lot of benefits to the body.

There are lots of anti-oxidants in wine. It reduces cholesterol stained in blood vessels and also it reduces skin wrinkles. It has potential to increase immunity power in body. Let’s see what the benefits of Red Wine are,

Healing of Wounds


Whenever you have injury or inflammation in your body, take little wine in cotton and apply it on your wounds. At least you have to keep this for 15 minutes. Wine will control the swelling and it act as a disinfectant.

Reduces Stress

Wine will refresh sinews and nerves. You can escape from stress and anxiety if you take 2-7 glass of wine per week.

Clear Vision


According to Washington University in St.Louis and School of Medicine University Research, we are able to prevent eyesight problems due retinopathy and age illness if we are taking wine regularly.

Protects Teeth


According to some analyst, drinking red wine can prevent decay caused in the teeth. Bacteria, formed in the teeth will be destroyed by red wine.

Increases Immune Cells


According to Researchers, drinking red wine every week will prevent you from flu and common cold problems. Anti-oxidants present in wine will increase Immune cells and destroys infections.

Reduce the Amount of Cholesterol

This Increases good cholesterol (HDL) 12% in liver. Good Cholesterol sends the bad cholesterol which is succumbed in heart to liver. These bad cholesterols are forced for digestion and changed into energy. And finally reduces cholesterol in body.

Prevents Ageing


A Research at Columbia University found drinking red wine prevents wrinkles and also ageing. It increase your young age period also.

These are top best health benefits of red wine.

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