Charge Your Device With HandEnergy


Almost all the people are found always spending their time with the smartphones. Moreover, smartphones do mean as they are meant to do all the things from when we get up from the bed until we return to it again. But what about the juice of the device? Will it last until the last minute before you go to bed? Obviously, No. A smartphone can rarely last for a long day with playing music, watching videos on YouTube, switching on the data usage and Wi-Fi throughout the day.

We get frustrated when the battery dies in the middle while reading an adventurous book or watching a thriller. What can we do to maintain the battery charge of your device? We can carry with us an extra battery and there is a power back available for this purpose. Unluckily, the power bank charge has also drained. Then what is that we can do to charge the battery of the device. Don’t worry! Your hand will help you. Nothing else, just your bare hands!

Don’t you think it is quite interesting that you can now charge your device with your bare hands? “Pocket Electricity Generator” literally a ball that generates electricity in your hand. It is called as the “HandEnergy”. It features a magnetic rotor to produce an electric current when you hold the ball in your hand and rotate your wrist to generate motion. This charges its own battery which is inbuilt. And this battery is connected to your device which needs to be charged through a USB cable. Now, the charge will be transmitted by the inbuilt battery to the device’s battery.

The electric energy which you transfer to the battery of the device due to the motion of the hand looks amazing. The HandEnergy costs nearly Rs.5,200. You can own this HandEnergy so as to stay away from the problem of your device’s juice up. So now you will never ever come across the issue that your device’s battery charge is draining. Your smartphone or any other device will maintain its juice with itself.

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