Whether you and your friends are graduating from college or high school, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that graduation is a big thing, and you two need to celebrate this joyous occasion.

Graduation Gift Ideas

Since you have just graduated or are still a student, you cannot buy anything expensive or pricey for your students. But you can certainly gift your friend who helped you survive college or high school, who was your mentor; you guided you, and who stood by you with a beautiful and creative gift.

Unique Graduation Gift Ideas

It doesn’t have to be anything luxurious or big; a sentimental gift will work just as well. Either make something that holds value to her/him or buy something for her/him that will be helpful. You can always go on vacation too.

If you are not sure what to gift to your best friend on graduation day, then keep reading this blog. Here are some amazing graduation gift ideas that can help you.

Let’s begin..

  1. Best friend bracelet

    No, I am not talking about those big and ugly plastic bracelets that look weird and tacky. I am talking about the best friend’s bracelets that has chains and looks more subtle, and that you can wear them like an accessory. You can also add the initials of your name in the bracelet.

  1. Graduation day collage photo

    It will be a little late, but you can make an amazing collage of pictures taken on graduation day and present it to her later. If you want to give your BF something on the same day, you can dig up pictures from his/her school/college years and make a collage of the same and gift her on the same day. You can personalize or customize the same as per your wishes.

  1. A charm bangle or bracelet

    Another great gift that you can gift to your best friend is a charm bangle or bracelet. They are an amazing piece of jewelry that works on most clothes. You can personalize it by adding things that hold value to her.

  1. A sturdy travel kit or a passport holder

    If your friend is traveling to a different city for his/her new job or if he/she is moving abroad for further studies, gift something useful. A passport holder of good quality can help the graduate keep all the documents, visa and passport in one place.

    Also, you can gift your friend a sturdy travel kit to keep all the essential items like toiletries or cosmetic items in one place.

  1. Throw a party for your friend

    If your friend is leaving town for a new job or further studies after graduation, why not throw her a small party? Invite your close friends and toast her/his accomplishments. You don’t have to make the party big, a small get-together is enough.

    If you can, bake a small cake for her or get someone who knows how to bake in your circle to do this for you.

    Don’t keep the party around mealtimes. It should be around a time when snacks would be enough.

    Make a video that has pictures and shots of you and your best friend and others enjoying your college or school time.

  1. Go on a vacation

    Surprise your friends with a vacation. It can be a simple hike or trekking in a garden or campsite nearby. Or you can both pool in your money and go on a weekend trip to a place nearby.

  1. Best friends mug

    You can also gift your friend a best friend mug. Buy a set so that you can keep one and give the other one to your friend.

    Personalize it by adding names or images or a quote that you both love.

  1. A graduation print

    Get your friend a sketch of her/him in his/her graduation cap and gown and frame it and gift it to her. You can also add a greeting card with graduation quotes for friends on the card.

  1. Frame and gift the degree

    Make a copy of the graduation degree or diploma and frame it. It will be an amazing gift and a great memento for your friend.

  1. A personalized F.R.I.E.N.D.S cup

    If your friend loves the sitcom friends, gift a personalized cup in which you can write text in the manner of the show’s episode titles. Get her a mug with words ‘In which Rachel (name of your friend) got her degree.

Share some of your ideas below.

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