Google Pixel Smartphone Event

Google made an announcement that an event will be held in San Francisco on October 4th where it wants to release the latest Smartphones. It has released a trailer on Youtube about the date, as well as smart-phone shaped rectangle and the Google logo “G”. Google has still not decided the name for the Smartphones but multiple reports are saying in favour of its logo “G” they are dropping the Nexus name on the upcoming devices.

A report from the Android Police says we are using two Smartphones built by HTC-One is 5.5- inch model and the next one is 5.2-inch model rumored to be called the Pixel X and the Pixel XL and they may also feature an all metal design. The Previous year Nexus 6P was metal but the 5.2 -inch LG 5X was plastic. Android central report has confirmed the dropping of Nexus branding and says Google will make the devices available with the latest version of Android Nougat instead of using normal Operating system.

Speaking about the Nexus line earlier this year, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said the company would be “more opinionated about the design of the phones,” and noted that it would “add more features on top of Android on Nexus phones,” which gives added credibility to the report.

We still don’t understand what kind of specifications these new  phones that Google is releasing will have,but if it sticks to the game plan it has used since it began the Nexus line, they will provide the Nougat with full of advantages by using the latest and greatest processors. It is also not clear how these phones will look like but an image found hidden in the code of Google’s new site, showing a phone between the two LED ropes may be our first glimpse of the device.

Google has a number of products to release such as Allo, a chat app which has not yet come out and  Google Home, its Alexa-like home speaker / smart assistant. At Present the company is also going through a dry spell with Android Wear Watches and we don’t think the Nexus watch rumors will come to fruition any time soon.

Hopefully, on October 4th we will be hearing about the much awaited things which google is going to release later this year.

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