Google Search Without The Internet

Search Without the Internet
Nowadays smartphones are meant mainly with the Internet connections. A search without the Internet connection in a smartphone is almost impossible. We often have access to the network and sometimes the connections itself aren’t possible.

Google, now, found a solution for this problem and introduced an app in Android. The tech giant Google named this app as “Google Search” app that is found in the Google Play Store in Android smartphones. This app helps us access to the Internet without the network the smartphone.

Now that Google won’t tell the users that the search result will not be produced when offline. The search query is listed and saved. Google’s Shekhar Sharad said, “Mobile networks can sometimes be inconsistent or spotty, which means that even if you have a connection when you start your search, it might fail before you get your results back”. This Google app works behind-the-scenes to find if a connection is available. It delivers your search results once it detects a connection.

After the user connects to the network, the results of all the searches are displayed. Then you need not search again since the search queries are saved. When a connection is found, it alerts the user by a simple notification that the results are available. To avail this, you just have to click on the notification to access the results of the search query. For now, this app is available only on Android. Google hasn’t provided any information about its availability in iOS or Windows Phones.

The search without the Internet connection may not be perfect for users who want instant search results in offline mode. But the searches are not lost when there is no internet connection.

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