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Nexus 6P Review

Every single year there are two main phones that really help us to shape our vision of the future of smartphones. That is the iPhone and the Nexus. First of all Android7.0 new get is already out there. I’ve been running the beta on my Nexus 6P for a while.

Android 7.0 Beta

There’s also now the new Nexus launcher that can be installed on any phone if you want. I’m pretty much used to it. So the launcher still has an app store but it’s no longer an app button you swipe it up from the bottom row of apps. Then you have a search bar for all your apps at the top and a vertically scrolling list so that’s sort of a new swipe gesture there.

Nexus Google Search
It also has a new folder design which I didn’t like at first but it’s minor so I’ve already got used to it and then it shrunk the Google search bar that’s usually permanently at the top to just a permanent letter G up in the top left-hand corner. Then you can see it puts the date in the top right-hand corner. I wish I could click the date. Just to get to the calendar but maybe that’s coming soon.
There’s also a new wallpaper picker which looks pretty sweet and now there’s also these features are certain to trickle down into third party launcher so like go launcher or a new launcher. If you using those then you can sort of try one or two of these features at a time instead of going with the whole nexus launcher experience right away. I’ll leave the APK that I used to install the Nexus launcher on my phone. If you don’t then you can just grab like no launcher and try couple features we’re also expecting a few new features to get added to the final version of Android 7.0 before it gets launched with the new Nexus is at the end of the year.

Nexus Calender
One of these being like right now when you long press the home button you get to Google now on tap the new Nexus is expected to launch with a fancy new animation. If you long press that you launch into a full fledged Google assistant so that’s the software side that’s exciting and everything but what I’m most excited about is the new hardware the new Nexus phones launching this year.
Nexus 6P from Wei Wei and Nexus X from LG a really high-end Nexus phone and then the sort of a mid-range lower priced phone. We’re expecting to see the same sort of strategy again this year to Nexus phones one high end one midrange both built by each DC. So this is the end for a police mockup of what the next Nexus will look like both of them actually there’s one will be smaller one of the larger of the both have this same design but yeah based off of all the information and leaks that they’ve gotten this is the representative model of what it should look like. So right off the bat, the dual tone design is a little bit head turning obviously so it’s a mostly metal body all the way around with a really big glass window to allow for things like NFC and GPS and maybe wireless charging.
I have a feeling it’s going to look a lot better in real life than it does in these mock up renders. I mean if you’re member the Nexus 6P When we first got the renders and the leaks of seeing this phone for the first time it looked like the hump on the back was going to be huge and ugly. People hated before it even came out but then we got the fun a real life and it’s more of this slender glass window same idea here. But the other things you’ll notice are there’s no camera bump nice and there is also no front facing speakers. Sadly it’s a dying breed but overall it’s a pretty simple looking phone. No groundbreaking crazy looking features or anything like that.

Nexus 6P
The specs of the smaller nexus are quad core chip 4 gigabytes of RAM, looks pretty good. 5 inch of 1080 display so AMOLED again nice to see in the smaller phone and it is 2770mAH battery 32gigs of storage. I hope that’s the base model hopefully no 16gigs version. A 12MP camera on the back and 8-megapixel camera on the front and a fingerprint reader, USB Type-C port down facing speaker and a headphone jack up top.

Nexus Larger Phone
The larger higher end Nexus will be again quad-core Qualcomm chip 4gigabytes of RAM not six but that’s fine. 5.5inch Quad HD AMOLED display same as Nexus 6P. Nice. 3650mAH power battery again. Good to see. 32 or 128 gigabytes of storage. OK. And another 12megapixel camera on the back, 8-megapixel camera on the front, fingerprint reader USB Type-C port, down facing speaker and a headphone jack up top side. We also have this of leaks tweet that shows that Verizon may carry these next is for the first time in a long time. Last time horizon carried a Nexus was like the actually one of my favorite phones ever. The Galaxy Nexus and they had their weird ways with a phone and they screwed up in their own little ways but also Verizon likes to rebrand a lot of their phones to make droid editions.

HTC Nexus

So overall this info is really good to have what it’s really telling me is that these two phones are probably going to be very similar to each other both have the same design. They’ll both be made by the same manufacturer that didn’t happen last year. So each HTC will make both and they may actually have the same exact camera modules again which did happen last year and that was pretty good for the midrange phone to have a high-end camera but I think we’re going to wait and see for that. Also, I feel like we’re going to see a lot more emphasis on the Google assistant part of it at the announcement so the long press on the home button with the fancy animation to get to a little bit more than Google now on tap. That’s going to be a big focus in my head. Anyway, I want to wait to see.

Give a shout out to Android police because 99.5 percent of the new info we have on this nexus is because of their digging in their hard work so shut up to that link what they do below and also Smaller stuff like the camera app is going to get manual exposure back and the fingerprint reader will have a swipe down gesture to bring down your notification shade and the new version of Android stuff like that. So we have it. Let the Nexus hype begin. I’m pretty excited let me know which of the phones you’re more excited for a lot of people are really psyched about the Nexus 5X last year. I’m personally a big phone type of guy some excited for the higher end phone.

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