Advantages of Google Glass

Google glass is called as Google goggles. It provides the same quality as the computer, smartphone,  ipad, tablet, camera, GPS navigation system and many more.

It is a tiny glass piece with stylish frame. The “Siri like characteristics” in the goggles pull up the information to display because of its speed and invisibility.

All information is only infront of the person who is using the glass and the outsiders will not know. There is no actual glasses infront of you it will project the real world.

The glasses not only comes in the generic colours like black and white, like the smartphones ,it also comes in all sorts of colours like baby blue and more.

  • It is very comfortable.
  • It is durable.
  • It is extremely light.
  • It does not bother your face.

Google created the Google glasses for consumers in developing the technological world.

Some of the common advantages of Google glass include

  • It is an innovative technology and new trend for fashion lovers.
  • A spectacle based computer to reside directly on your eyes rather than in your pouch.
  • Fast access of Google maps, documents, videos and chats and more.
  • It is very Sensitive and Responsive to the presence of people.
  • Easy to wear and use.
  • It is an useful technology for all handicapped and disabled people.

The device mainly concentrates on the social networking, navigation and communication.

The video camera senses the environment recognizes the object around. The user voice command itself enough for the whole working of the Google glass. The device will communicate with the mobile phone through Wi-Fi and display the contents on the video screen. It will also responds to the voice command of the user.

Google Glass


       The potential benefits for the employee to wear the Google glass includes,

Quality check – If the factory worker is wearing the Google glass, the management will know the employee’s exhaustion limits are being reached .They will find which units are defective and other factors affecting the employee’s job on the line.

Efficiency check – The management also peers through the virtual vision of their employee. They might notice the physical working of the employees. For example, whether it takes 10 hand movements to perform a task when it only requires 3 hand movements to get it done.

Safety check – The Google glass ensures safety. There are no-compromise scenarios when we utilize Google glass. It is very useful in the construction sites and restaurants where requires safety and hygiene regulations.

Security check – It is very useful for policeman in security situations. The recordings will help for later analyses and it also serves as a backup measure.

Ultimate Note Taking – The Google provides the option of note-taking, while during seminars and lectures Google glass provide the option of recording the audio and video of what people drawing on the whiteboard.

Overall Monitoring – It provides the option of nonstop monitoring of what employees are up to at work. The management manages the Google glasses of the employees. This is the most useful and terrifying of all.