Who Has Accessed Your Google Drive Files and Folders

Google drive

In your google drive the files and folders are private. If you share, they become as public and everyone on internet can see these shared files. You can share your files and folders to any one known by you. Google offered an option to google app users to share google drive files and folders inside the organization not to anyone outside the domain.

You can also dispense the level of access they have on the shared files, not only control who can open your google drive. If you would like to access permissions to view or edit, you can upload the file to google drive and share it in view-mode with the recipient.

Who can view or edit your google drive files and folders?

Your google drive may have many files, documents, spreadsheets that are accessible to other users. They might be your contacts, one who is in your google apps domain or someone available to anyone on the web who have the link like URL to the file.

You may know in your google drive which files and folders are shared with other users; Also what kind of access permissions they have on your files. Google drive unable to offer a simple option for you to find out who you are sharing the files with inside or outside your domain.

Drive permissions auditor for google drive, a new google add-on that scans your whole drive and then produces a complete report revealing who has access to your shared files and what kind of permission they have on the files. When you work together with people for some time, drive auditor have an easiest way to figure out what you’ve shared in google drive and clear it.

Google driveFile Permissions Report for Google Drive

The process to start is simple, install the google drive auditor add on and permit it.

Inside your google account, it reads your files found in google drive and writes their access details in the spreadsheet like a google script. Not only one byte of data all leaves your google account.

Once the drive audit add-on is installed, open the add-on’s menu inside the google spreadsheet, select drive permissions auditor and click start audit. Then a sidebar is appearing where you want to notice a query and all matching files that match the query will be evaluated by the add-on.

After the completion of audit, the output will reveal total information of every file contains:

  • The date of file created and last modified
  • File size and MIME type (file extension)
  • Owner of the file
  • The person who has edit, view and comment permission on your file
  • Location of the file in google drive

You have either select the file name in the spreadsheet to open the matching file in google drive or you can use the find function also even filters in google spreadsheets, it shows particular files match certain criteria. For example, you can also know about all files that are public by apply a filter on the access column in the spread sheet.

Every domain administrator can install the drive audit add-on for all users in your domain through the google app marketplace. Since it works for Gmail also google apps accounts.

When add-on is free, you can audit up 200 files in your google drive. Upgrade to the premium edition and examine each single file and folder only if you have more files in your google drive. But if the auto-expiry date or times set by you are finished the shared link will automatically stop working.

Up to you learn all about who is accessed your google drive files and folders.

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