Microsoft Paint is being Killed

Microsoft Paint

Microsoft Paint had been used for a long period of time on all the versions of Windows Operating System. And now Microsoft plans to kill the Microsoft Paint and probably continue with its new art program. This program is called as Paint 3D. This might take over the capabilities of the original one but that tool is no longer going to be a standalone program.

The Microsoft Paint was being used to learn how to art since its introduction in 1985. Although, this was one of the favorites for the children. Even if, in our childhood, we don’t know how to use the tool, we were crazy about the tools and colors that looked amazing then. We spent our time, doodling on Paint whether we know or not. This used to be the best and interesting computer lessons during our computer classes. And in leisure times, it used to kill the boredom which we felt.

It all depends on the way we handle each tool of the Microsoft Paint and how we use them. The output would also be the same. But most importantly, we need to have enough patience to obtain a good result or a painting. Without that, the result would be either nothing or meaningless on the computer display.

There are no rules and grids to help you in guiding. Also, you don’t have any tools to help you move the process of Microsoft Paint. Not even there are filters or masks. It’s just a simple drawing tool and nothing else than this. There is no technical or artistic software that could help you make any drawing for professional use. But was a great feature in the Microsoft Operating System.

When it was a turn for children to learn Ms Office, they would definitely like the Microsoft Paint the most. They would show more interest in learning more about Microsoft Paint than about anything else relating this topic. In Microsoft Paint, there are 2 types of calligraphy brushes which you will be using while painting. These two will help you color your picture however you like it to be.

As now, Microsoft plans to kill Microsoft paint, children might not know about a drawing and painting feature existed in the previous versions as it’s going to be no more in future. And in the upcoming versions of Windows 10, we are going to miss Microsoft Paint.

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