Learn The Best Gmail Tips and Tricks

How about we be genuine: Most of us are truly reliant to our email. That is to say, don’t you all regularly wake up to an inbox that seems as though this?

5 Gmail Tips

No?? Keep in mind: No matter how full your inbox is, another person dependably has a crazier one than you do. Also, regardless of the fact that you think you know everything, there is to think about Gmail, the email administration precious to us, there’s dependably a trap or two you might not have known about. We’ve gathered the Five best Gmail mysteries underneath. From erasing your whole inbox in a single tick (we unmistakably could utilize this one) to following which websites are giving out your contact data, look at these Top 5 Gmail tips and Tricks:

  1. The dots in your Gmail address don’t matter

Usually, you will use your email address as it is but you can use email Benjamin@Gmail.com, Benja.min@Gmail.com or b.e.n.j.a.m.i.n@Gmail.com and all these emails will point to same address Benjamin@gmail.com. The dots in your email address are actually totally meaningless.

  1. You can hit the snooze button on your Gmail

Using the free Gmail app Boomerang, you can open an email and set it to return to your inbox in a set amount of time, which means you can schedule your emails too for upcoming events or any purpose

5 Gmail Tips

  1. Find out if your Gmail address has been spread and by whom

If you add a “+” sign and then any words into your Gmail address, it still works. For example, if you were to subscribe to a shopping site and your email address is JohnDoe@Gmail.com, you could use the email address JohnDoe+Shopping@Gmail.com to sign up. You’ll still get your emails and you’ll be able to filter them more easily by which address emails are sent to. Plus, if you get any emails from another site to JohnDoe+Shopping@Gmail.com, you’ll know who gave your email address out.

  1. You can get desktop notifications for emails

5 Gmail Tips

If you are an aggressive email checker, Gmail has an option which pop up on your computer and shows notifications whenever you receive an email.  You set this notification with filters like whenever you get an email from the particular label or for all emails. To do this, Go To Settings and scroll down for desktop notifications.

  1. You can delete the entire contents of your inbox

5 Gmail Tips

Prepared for some spring cleaning? It’s quite simple to delete the greater part of your messages. In your inbox, you’ll see the large counts of emails. For me, it says “1-25 of 19,752.” Click on that to “show more messages.” From there, Tap the little checkbox on the upper left and select “All.” From there, Gmail will inquire as to whether you truly mean to choose the majority of the messages in your inbox.  After you’ve picked actually each and every message in your inbox, simply tap the trash can to erase the emails.

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